The Cappasity’s crowdsale has received wide public support – over 8,000 people registered on the portal and over 2,700 have already bought ARTokens. Cappasity decided to close Phase 1 of the ARToken public crowdsale ahead of schedule. In addition, the Cappasity platform will be launched in China as early as January 2018 on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

Thanks to the public interest in the Cappasity project, the company’s executives succeeded in signing an agreement with an important strategic investment and business partner.

The deal is expected to make a profound impact on Cappasity’s capitalization growth and the ARToken value. Therefore, the company’s executive team decided to close the Phase 1 public sale ahead of schedule and limit the number of ARTokens issued on the crypto exchange.

However, since the business partner wants to promote the Cappasity system’s further growth and does not want to restrict the current participants’ rights, Cappasity have decided to take the following steps:

  • Registration on the crowdsale portal will be closed on November 5. At this time, all those who are interested in the project still have the opportunity to create accounts and become early token sale participants at
  •                Cappasity highly appreciates the support of all early crowdsale participants – it is thanks to them that Cappasity succeeded in signing a very important agreement. As an expression of Cappasity’s gratitude, each crowdsale participant will receive a unique code which provides access to an additional bonus on top of the already purchased ARTokens
  • Any further registration will not be possible after November 5. However, the current 8,000 ecosystem participants will have the opportunity to invite their friends through the affiliate link if the latter are willing to help develop the platform and the Cappasity Ecosystem. The invited friends will not be able to invite anyone themselves.

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