Both Cardano (ADA) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) are showing bullish patterns for 2023. Orbeon Protocol in particular is increasing in value every day – and as the project enters its Phase 2 Presale, investors have already seen a 125% increase in the value of ORBN with no signs of stopping

Cardano, while not quite seeing the boost Orbeon Protocol is, is still showing some value spikes and bullish behavior. We look deeper as both coins prepare for 2023.


Cardano (ADA) shows huge spikes as 2023 looms closer

Cardano (ADA) has shown several huge spikes and bullish behavior as 2023 looms ever closer. Cardano’s value, while on the lower side, still isn’t completely worthless, and if the timing were right – a huge ROI could be realized.

Cardano is set to be one of the biggest gainers in 2023 provided current trends continue. With some dips, Cardano is now gearing up for a big push in a very bullish 2023, and with some extra big spikes causing it to leap up, this coin could attain some serious potential. 

This is on top of the fact that Cardano has a powerful, versatile blockchain used by many developers. Safe to say, Cardano is here to stay.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) set to raise $10.5m by the end of the presale, huge value increases 

Orbeon Protocol is set to raise $10.5m by the end of the presale, and benefit from a predicted increase of 6000%! This is undoubtedly one of the most successful crypto presales to date, and yet the project is only just showing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much potential it has.

Orbeon protocol’s main premise is in minting NFTs representing equity in startups looking to raise capital, which are then fractionalized and sold for as low as $1 per NFT. This is an extremely powerful idea, as it means that for the first time, everyday investors can access the venture capital industry and invest in startups, with early-stage investing no longer only being limited to wealthy circles.

The ORBN token provides the backbone for the platform, and holding it enables a diverse range of benefits. Staking the token, for example, permits the holder to receive passive income – a steady stream of wealth generated just for keeping it in place. Holders of ORBN also receive exclusive benefits on the platform, including cashback rewards, reduced trading fees and access to some incredible startup funding rounds, before general release.

With safety a major concern for crypto holders, Orbeon Protocol is addressing the uncertainty with ‘fill or kill’ mechanisms built into every funding smart contract they use. If funding targets for a particular round are not achieved, all investors are guaranteed to get their money back. Furthermore, the project’s liquidity pool is locked in for 10 years, and a full, successful audit of the project has been completed by Solid Proof.

Orbeon Protocol is showing very bullish patterns for 2023, with the coin’s value set to go up to $0.24 from $0.004 by the end of the presale. By 2023, we could see Orbeon’s price skyrocketing as more investors come to understand the token’s excellent intrinsic value.

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