ChainBerry Equity: The first German blockchain equity fund

This year, ChainBerry Equity is launching the first German-listed equity fund, which only includes companies that operate in the blockchain sector. The equity fund was launched by the capital management company HANSAINVEST, and the stock selection was carried out by ChainBerry Asset Management GmbH. The Blockchain equity fund could be another important step towards adaptation in Germany.

Also away from the crypto currencies, blockchain technology offers a lot of investment opportunities. Meanwhile, many listed companies rely on blockchain applications to solve problems. In addition, a veritable ecosystem has emerged around cryptocurrencies, including, for example, manufacturers of mining hardware or crypto-wallets.

Invest in a portfolio of blockchain companies

With ChainBerry Equity, for the first time in Germany, an equity fund should offer the opportunity to invest directly in several blockchain companies. ChainBerry Asset Management GmbH would like to cover the entire spectrum of companies in the crypto sector – from large technology companies to young pioneering companies. According to Karsten Müller, manager of ChainBerry Equity, the latter has the greatest growth potential.

“Their market capitalization is still low, they are often classic small caps. If you buy too much here too fast, you will be in demand without the supply being able to keep pace – and the entry-level prices will deteriorate, ”

promotes Müller for a sophisticated investment strategy – which he would like to deliver with ChainBerry Equity. On the other hand, he is sure about the sustainable growth of the industry:

“Blockchain will be a crucial technology for all industries. And: the companies that are already involved in building the infrastructure benefit enormously. ”

Blockchain usage of the companies in focus

Therefore, the focus in the selection of public limited companies for the Fund is on the blockchain usage of the companies concerned. While initially larger companies should dominate the fund as part of a “base portfolio”, smaller, more blockchain-focused companies will gradually become more and more prevalent.

The equity fund is launched by the capital management company HANSAINVEST, which also assumes the subsequent management. NFS Netfonds Financial Service GmbH takes over the liability roof function for the fund advisory of ChainBerry Asset Management GmbH. ChainBerry Equity is rated Category 5 in its risk and reward profile because its unit price may fluctuate relatively sharply and therefore both the risk of loss and the odds of gain may be relatively high.

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