Singapore, 27th May, 2020 – At the recent Crypto Asia Summit, Patrick Zheng, CEO of ChainUP Japan, joined fifty of the leading experts in crypto and blockchain, the likes of crypto luminaries Changpeng Zhao, Roger Ver amongst others, to speak on the most current industry topics. This was organized on ChainTalk TV as a virtual summit by the Tokyo-based TEAMZ Inc after the COVID-19 induced cancellation of their annual TEAMZ Blockchain Summit.

Introducing ChainUP to the audience, Zheng touched on the blockchain service provider’s milestones since its beginnings in September 2017. Currently headquartered in Singapore with branch offices in Beijing, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the tech solutions provider has an employee base of 200, with 150 developers forming the core majority. The Tokyo branch was just founded last year and is a current member of the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association (JCBA).

Speaking about the plethora of services on offer by the ChainUP technology ecosystem, Zheng broke it down to 4 main solutions which comprise spot trading system, derivative trading system, liquidity and wallet solutions, together with a number of other product solutions.

White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution

Known in the industry as a leading provider of white-label crypto exchange solutions, ChainUP has serviced more than 300 exchange customers by providing a fast and cost-effective solution. Tackling technology and security challenges effectively and at low cost, it offers exchanges the choice of SaaS deployment or Buy-Up deployment. With SaaS, the ChainUP cloud is deployed to typically provide the quickest way to launch an exchange. With Buy-Up deployment, ChainUP provides the source code and tools that are required to launch and run the exchange, giving the exchange more control and room for diversity.

Providing the options of spot, derivative (through financial derivatives subsidiary brand EXUP) and/or OTC trading, the whitelabel solution comes with a complete security system, cold/hot wallet system, risk control system, matching engine, finance system and global SMS gateway.

BitWind: The Liquidity of 300 Exchanges

What is an exchange without users to exchange with? Indeed liquidity is often a critical success factor in any exchange. BitWind is ChainUP’s answer to the liquidity challenges faced by exchanges. Providing the aggregated liquidity of more than 300 exchanges, BitWind provides the best order book depth, the lowest spread prices and the best buy-and-sell prices.

HiCoin: Build Your Digital Bank

With the concept of “Next Generation Digital Bank” firmly entrenched in the underlying wallet technology, HiCoin focuses on crypto asset management in three scenarios – wallet, asset custody and comprehensive payment solutions.

Offering cloud or local wallets, the HiCoin wallet has 24 function modules (and over 200 features) such as user system, affiliate system, send & receive, KYC system, d’App store and integration support to main blockchain, amongst others.

“These features can cover almost all the needs of coin projects who want to operate their own tokens,” declared Zheng.

With a one-day delivery for the SaaS White-label Wallet and a seven-day delivery for the Buy-Up Wallet with source code, the HiCoin solutions are hard to beat. There is guaranteed support for the project’s life-cycle, API integration of third-party services, support for more than 100 cryptocurrencies, private key management in cold wallet and multiple-point private key backup amongst other features.

Global Expansion

With such a comprehensive technology ecosystem, it is easy to see why ChainUP is expanding globally. With more than 500 global clients currently using their products and systems, the blockchain service provider has clients in over 20 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

About ChainUP

ChainUP is a leading blockchain technology solution provider in the world. It owns eight well-developed product lines: digital currency trading (financial derivatives), wallet, situational awareness, public chain and consortium blockchain, mining pool, blockchain cloud media, liquidity, broker, and has constructed an industrial closed-loop from technology service to traffic and traffic commercialization. So far, it has served 300+ exchange clients, 100+ digital wallet clients, 150+ liquidity service clients, which include 50+ million users in over 20 countries from Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. The team members behind ChainUP have worked in top blockchain or internet companies and institutions in technological development and operation management, and are highly experienced in the blockchain industry. It has obtained several rounds of investments from well-known top institutions in the industry, such as Morningside Venture Capital, Joy Capital, Node Capital, Albatross Venture, Taoshi capital, amongst others.

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