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When Ethereum was first released in 2014, it revolutionized decentralized applications with its innovations like smart contracts. But the market has come a long way from its initial days, witnessing a tremendous boom in currencies. Given the faltering state of the crypto market, choosing an investment option has become a neck-breaking job. NEO, which was previously called AntShares, is regulated by smart contracts, but it stands out from other smart contract-based ecosystems in terms of its approaches. As the next-generation cryptocurrency network, it enables users to automate the storage and exchange of financial assets on the blockchain. Widely recognized as “the Chinese Ethereum” or “the one”, NEO can be regarded as the Ethereum killer for its competitive advantages over the ETH.

NEO, the Strongest Cryptocurrency of 2018

Representing the third generation of cryptocurrency, NEO is much more than a decentralized network, as NEO can be looked upon as a smart economy. Although the blockchain resembles Ethereum in many ways, it stands for a link between the real economy and the digital economy. Such a link is difficult to imagine with other forms of digital assets and can initiate great changes in the digital finance world.

To achieve “smart economy” with a distributed network, NEO strategically deploys the blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize financial instruments. As evident from its name, digital assets are programmable financial assets that are present in the form of electronic data. The digitization of these assets is done using the blockchain, wherein users can expect a decentralized, reliable, traceable, and transparent solution. The best part of NEO blockchain is perhaps the fact that users can register, trade, and exchange various kinds of assets, proving the link between digital asset and the physical asset is possible through digital identity.   Besides the digital assets, the blockchain also uses digital identity to create a smart economy. Digital identity refers to the identity of individuals, organizations, and other electronic entities. NEO implements a system based on X.509, which complies with the highest standards of digital identity.

An Inside Look at the Rapidly Expanding NEO Blockchain Network

Although big names like Ethereum are grabbing all the attention from the investors, new smart contract-based cryptocurrency networks are gaining quite a momentum in the market. Ranking 12 by market capitalization, NEO comes with a range of beneficial features. One of the most interesting aspects of NEO that makes it stand out from the rest is the lightning fast transaction speed. While it is executing 1,000 transactions per second, the NEO team anticipates pushing the speed to 10,000 transactions per second. At this rate, the transaction speed can exceed 100,000 transactions per second by 2020.   The expansion plan is not limited to transaction speed only, and the team is working on making the system fully decentralized, besides implementing hyper v-m to upgrade its features.

As a promising cryptocurrency, it always strives to expand its user experience with new innovations. Besides implementing frequent upgrades, the blockchain attempts to stay connected to its users, releasing developments updates and technical reports as and when necessary. An inside look at the developments on the NEO blockchain reveals quite a number of influential updates. From MyWish CEO announcing that NEO crowdsale contracts are ready, becoming a media partner of NEO blockchain game development to NewEconoLabs hosting NEO game competitions, NEO is lighting things up in the crypto market.

NEO Charts Reveal Signs of a Reversal of Trends

Primarily designed for ICOs and Dapps, NEO also focuses on smart economy solutions, which include digital identity, registration, and asset digitization. Owing to the relentless efforts of the NEO development team and strategic marketing campaigns, NEO has seen a steady rise in the recent times.  While NEO’s reception has been phenomenal in the market, it was not entirely free from volatility. Looking at the price charts of the last few weeks, the bear run has sent currency in a temporary limbo. The most actively traded currency on Bitfinex, NEO has dropped by a striking 3.44% from its earlier position. With a market capitalization of $2,483,734,500, NEO is available for trading at $38.21 as of June 20, 2018. Although bearish sentiments are on the cards, the price charts reveal signs of a reversal. With NEO gearing up with interesting upgrades, the bull is likely to make a comeback in the coming days.

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