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CoinField has launched its SOLO Token Pre-Sale today, which started at 6 pm UTC (10 am PST). The pre-sale will run December 9-16, 2019. A limited number of participants will be able to purchase a total of 40 million SOLO tokens at a discounted rate, ahead of the public sale in Q1 2020.

Last month, CoinField sent out 50,000 invitations to the Sologenic VIP community members who needed to sign up for a CoinField account, pass the KYC verification process and successfully fund their account before December 6, 2019, to join the pre-sale.  

Built on top of the XRP Ledger, Sologenic was unveiled at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in November, where it was nominated as “DeFi Project of the Year.”

“I have to say that from all the projects in 2019, this one, in particular, caught my eye for various reasons. The first one being that this is an ambitious project that aims to revitalize the trading industry through a blockchain-only solution, and the second being the innovative use of XRP Ledger technology to make it all happen. I’m confident that with Sologenic’s stellar direction, this will be one of the projects to shake things up moving into 2020,” said Eman Pulis, CEO of SiGMA and Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Since its inception, the Sologenic project has attracted keen attention from the XRP community and initiated widespread discussions on the tokenization of assets through XRPL.

“I’m very pleased to finally see a project utilizing some of the greatest features of the XRP ledger. I believe the XRP ledger is a great (if not the best) choice to open up the world of stocks and ETFs to cryptocurrency users, utilizing the XRP ledger’s speed, low fees and amazing features like the built-in decentralized exchange,” said Wietse Wind, founder of XRPL Labs and adviser to Sologenic.  

During the SOLO VIP Pre-Sale, all purchases must be made via USDT, USDC, or XRP. Users may also deposit fiat and convert to USDT, USDC, or XRP to participate.

Sologenic is an ecosystem built on top of XRP ledger that merges traditional financial markets with crypto assets. The ecosystem tokenizes over 30,000 stocks and ETFs from global stock exchanges such as Nasdaq, NYSE, Tokyo, London, and more. It deploys SOLO coins for market-making and liquidity, providing purposes to operate. SOLO holders receive a wide range of benefits such as Crypto Cards, Staking Rewards, Community Funds, Expansion Funds, and participation in different decision making events. Learn more on

CoinField is a regulated European based fiat-to-crypto exchange, which operates in 193 countries globally. The platform supports the top six fiat currencies and a large number of digital assets. Learn more on

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