If you spend your average day trading or researching on cryptocurrency, you may have come across different resources that supplement your information. While it is essential to stay informed is important, picking the right news outlet is often a challenge judging from the hundreds of news platforms. However, once in a while it is advisable to get a hold of a review of the outlet before signing up to receive news. While it may seem unnecessary, it would go a long way in ensuring that you are satisfied with your pick. Here’s one of the leading news outlets for your crypto information and results needs.

What Is CoinSpectator?

Coin Spectator is a cryptocurrency news aggregator platform for crypto investors, enthusiasts, and traders seeking the latest information on their investments. The news outlet is providing detailed information on the latest trends and cryptocurrency prices in real-time to understand better how to invest or the performance of their coin.

Coin Spectator also focuses on delivering crypto news by fetching the leading headlines from across the cryptocurrency world and delivers in a live easy to view column. In return, this will help reserve the complexity that comes with seeking updates on the latest news. Additionally, the outlets focus on the newest content regarding anything and everything cryptocurrency.

CoinSpectator Bitcoin & Crypto News Aggregator Features

Price column- the website features a list of the 16 cryptocurrencies with their real-time prices on display by default. The menu features some of the largest cryptos regarding market cap value.

News And Projects Column-

The center of the news aggregator is for updates on the latest cryptocurrency headlines and projects that are set to launch. The scrolling list accumulates information from multiple crypto news outlets and websites ranging from Coin geek, Investopedia to analysis from Twitter.

ICO Information Column-

If you are interested in the getting on the latest ICO project, you can get an overview of ICOs underway or that are upcoming. Additionally, you can sort the ICO list to your desire with regards to date of launch, ICO deadline, and more option.

Sign-Up Portal-

Coin Spectator also lets you get frequent emails on updates through the email newsletter

Blog- while Coin Spectator relies on other sources, they also do have an active blog from where you can get regular news and significant stories from the cryptocurrency world.

The Coin Spectator website is the brainchild of independent cryptocurrency news writer who aims to provide a new direction for the cryptocurrency world with a tool to help track the latest information, news, and projects in a real-time and straightforward manner. The new aggregator development team comprised of

  • Justina Patricia- Managing Editor
  • Jefferson May- Senior reporter
  • Simon Penfield- Assistant Editor

CoinSpectator Verdict

Coin Spectator is an excellent tool for anyone looking for a quick glimpse of the cryptocurrency world. While most news aggregators do focus on the latest news, Coin Spectator sources the information from multiple legitimate crypto news outlets that range from almost 100. The scrolling feed will feature informative details from across the cryptocurrency industry. Additionally, the inclusion of ICOs is also unique in that you get to read on latest investment opportunities before they go mainstream. All-in-all, Coin Spectator seems like a go-to outlet whenever you need quick information on a single platform.

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