It wasn’t long ago when Crowdfunding sounded like a word from another planet. Before long, the word spread and everyone starting participating in Crowdfunding. Whether to create a great idea or to find backers for that great idea, the buzz was building. CoinStarter took that same concept and applied it to Initial Coin Offerings and Digital Currencies. Now anyone can participate in up-and-coming ICOs or even start their own ICO with CoinStarter.

San Francisco, CA – Nov 20, 2017, CoinStarter sent shockwaves through the ICO & Crowdfunding industry today with the announcement of a highly anticipated ICO set to launch on December 6, 2018. The buzz about the CoinStarter ICO in the Cryptocurrency industry is palatable because unlike other ICOs that fizzle out, CoinStarter is based on a Cryptocurrency Crowdfunding Platform that has seen unheard of growth. During their beta testing period of only 3 months, they gained an astonishing 115,000 members. No other ICO in history has seen this type of early growth and user adoption which could be why industry Analysts are recommending this as a solid ICO opportunity.

The CoinStarter Cryptocurrency based Crowdfunding Platform is considered to be the world’s first and largest ICO funding community. Individuals that have a great idea can easily create a project, launch a campaign and start trading coins. What seemed out of touch for everyday people has suddenly become within arms-reach with CoinStarter; being able to participate in the modern gold rush called Digital Currency. On the opportunity end, CoinStarter is launching an ICO that will allow anyone to participate in the actual Initial Coin Offering for CoinStarter. Due to the overwhelming success of the Coinstarter Platform, this ICO is expected to be a huge success for early backers and bring huge returns for early participants.

The team at CoinStarter have a wealth of experience in nearly every facet of Digital Currency trading from Front and Backend Development to Payment Innovation Advisors and Chief Market Strategists. They have successfully launched products such as and; Both of which have great buzz and growth potential. It is easy to see how CoinStarter was able to surpass every other ICO regarding user engagement and member growth. With the combination of CoinStarter, Businefy, and CoinStarterBox, creators of projects can raise the capital required for their new company through one crowdfunding community. 

During a recent press conference, Cornell Holloway, Founder & CEO of CoinStarter, was quoted as saying, “CoinStarter is a first of its kind Blockchain based platform to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators bring their ideas to life. From the launch of your campaign to the distribution of coins, we make every step easy and intuitive.” He went on to say, “70% of our technology is already built and proven, we have much more than most ICOs who only have an idea and a whitepaper. We believe it is this formula that will guarantee success for our early participants in this one of a kind ICO.”

The Initial Coin Offering Pre-Sale for CoinStarter will begin on December 6, 2017, and only 695,800,000 tokens will be issued. Once the allotment has been sold out, the Pre-Sale will close at which time the ICO will then launch to the public. It is recommended that potential backers act during the Pre-Sale period to maximize potential returns.

To learn more about CoinStarter or how to get involved in this ICO, visit their official website at or download their Whitepaper directly by clicking here.


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