Coinzilla is an advertising network which is focused on improving projects from the crypto and finance industry, helping them gain exposure for their ICOs by promoting and targeting ads to a relevant segment of high-profile publishers.

The company was established in 2016, and over its two years of existence, it successfully carried out ad campaigns for more than 1,500 advertisers and 4,000 publishers. Due to their high-quality advertising services, Coinzilla ranks among the top 3 advertising networks from the crypto industry.

Coinzilla Platform Updates

If you own a business from the crypto and finance industry, you have probably scoured the internet to find services that can increase the exposure of your project and the number of page visitors.

Since its launch on the market, Coinzilla has successfully increased a project’s exposure and revenue through the use of targeted marketing and quality traffic. Now, the platform has revealed that it made a significant update to its marketing arsenal.

Coinzilla offers a broad range of advertising options, such as floating and IAB banners, which have always produced the desired results to many ICOs. The advertising options available include an assortment of banner categories and formats, such as classic banners, native ads, pop-unders, and sticky banners.

The new updates brought to the platform were developed having in mind the improvement of the user experience of advertisers and publishers alike, aiming to expand the palette of tools and options they can use in order to promote their projects.

The added features consist of device and country targeting, unique user delivery, SEPA & SWIFT money transfer, budget capping, enhanced security, and API developed for campaign design, optimization, and stats.

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