Compass Mining discontinues business with BitRiver

Sanctions imposed by the USA force the company Compass Mining to immediately dismantle all ASIC miners in Russia.

The Bitcoin mining company Compass Mining also hosts its ASIC miners via BitRiver in Russia. Due to the recent sanctions, Compass Mining has now arranged for these devices to be shut down.

Following the fifth EU sanctions package against the Russian regime and its supporters, Whit Gibbs writes on Discord:
“Due to the recent sanctions imposed by the US government, Compass Mining is forced to immediately cease all business with BitRiver, our Russian hosting partner. […] The machines will be shut down today.”
Whit Gibbs, Compass Mining CEO via Discord

Compass Mining does not want to take a total loss for its customers and is trying to liquidate all hardware in order to pay out customers.
Customers have 48 hours to give the company permission to sell the ASIC devices. If this deadline expires, they would have to take care of the sale themselves.
Due to the current situation, it is not possible to simply export the machines out of the country.

Picture by Pixabay

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