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Crypter Network, a Facebook-like platform combining decentralized finance (DeFi) and social media, is ready to launch its Engage-to-Earn reward system. The project allows users to earn simply by engaging with their friends and the larger community on the social network.

Crypter users will get rewards for posting, liking, sharing, or commenting on content from their profile. Also, they can show off their NFTs, discuss trading tactics, and interact with crypto influencers, thought leaders, and newbie/veteran traders. Crypter only keeps track of clicks/impressions and monitors or harvests personal user data.

The platform seeks to bring DeFi and crypto communities together by providing a venue for sharing ideas, creating private groups, and much more. The Crypter network also creates safe and active communities that help members spot potential scams and rug pulls. This way, it delivers a sense of safety for DeFi and crypto investors.

The team plans to build the largest social network where crypto lovers can enjoy 8% $BUSD rewards when holding $CRYPT. The platform’s utility token, $CRYPT, is a hyper-deflationary token that rewards users for engaging within the social network. Also, the token allows users to access any products within the Crypter ecosystem.

Crypter Is Building More than Just a Social Network

The Crypter team aims to integrate multiple platforms that help users with their daily crypto life.

Crypter has commissioned the development of Chain Quest, an engaging skill-based fighting game that bases characters on other crypto projects. The main game characters are Shiba Inu, Safemoon, FEG Token, HOGE, DOGE, and Binance Coin.

Players will need the characters’ native token and $CRYPT to unlock their avatars. These gaming mechanics provide utility for the $CRYPT token while fostering the use of other leading coins in the cryptosphere. Lastly, the game will help bring gaming, DeFi, and crypto communities together in an unprecedented way.

The intuitive project is also developing, a free and user-friendly tool similar to However, this one will specifically cater to the crypto community. Project developers can leverage the platform to spread the word about their token and build a following.

Crypto proponents can visit for the latest info about upcoming blockchain ventures, BSCscan, social media, and contest links, etc.

The Crypter Marketplace and Upcoming Features

Crypter is developing an online marketplace where users can purchase goods using $CRYPT or other cryptocurrencies. The team will integrate Crypter Pay, a payment processor facilitating secure and fast transactions within the marketplace.

Users will access Crypter merchandise and NFTs on the online marketplace. Items such as t-shirts, Crypter Art Toys action figures, and more will soon be available in physical and digital versions.

The crypto-centric social network will also unveil its own wallet. This feature will allow users to hold, manage, and trade cryptocurrencies from one secure and convenient portal. The Crypter wallet will also integrate unique features, including an NFT tracker and P2P service.

Other products coming to Crypter include a portfolio tracker, contest platform, and a crypto-focused search engine. Also, the team plans to launch an educational platform to safely help users invest in digital assets.

About Crypter

Crypter network offers revolutionary features that go beyond social networking. Users can create new connections, talk tactics, discover legitimate crypto projects, and enjoy immersive gaming while interacting with other players. Join the future of social media and earn rewards for engaging with others on the Crypter ecosystem!

To connect with the community and be part of Crypter’s journey towards becoming the leading crypto network, check out the social pages below:

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