As the crypto market stands now, the top crypto predictions for 2023, focusing on three projects that we believe will shine: Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), Algorand (ALGO) and Nervos Network (CKB). With Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) nearly sold out during the presale round, Algorand’s (ALGO) unique consensus algorithm and Nervos Network’s (CKB) focus on blockchain infrastructure, we believe these three projects will be significant forces in the crypto space.


Algorand (ALGO)

Founded by Silvio Micali, a Turing Award-winning professor, Algorand (ALGO) is an open-source blockchain platform. Algorand (ALGO) uses a unique consensus algorithm called “Pure Proof of Stake”, which is more energy efficient than Proof of Work.

The main goal of Algorand (ALGO) is to make blockchain technology more accessible and easier for developers and consumers. Algorand (ALGO) is on the path to achieving this goal, with 2000+ projects using Algorand (ALGO) for their blockchain infrastructure.

The most notable company to use Algorand (ALGO) is FIFA, the world’s largest soccer organization. FIFA used Algorand (ALGO) to launch their new “FIFA Collect” project, an NFT marketplace exclusive to FIFA collectibles.

If Algorand (ALGO) continues on its current trajectory, Algorand (ALGO) could become the go-to platform for blockchain infrastructure by the end of 2023.


Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Network (CKB) is a public, open-source blockchain platform that focuses on providing secure and reliable infrastructure for decentralized applications (apps). The Nervos Network (CKB) uses the Proof of Work consensus algorithm and has seen strong adoption from developers, with over 70 projects already built on the network.

Nervos Network (CKB) offers a dual-layer approach: the layer-1 base layer focuses on providing a secure infrastructure to Nervos Network (CKB), while the layer-2 application layer focuses on dApp development.

By taking this approach, Nervos Network (CKB) is both more scalable and more secure than most other blockchains. Additionally, Nervos Network (CKB) offers a suite of tools and resources for developers to create apps with ease.

Nervos Network (CKB) has a market cap of just $100 million, but with its secure infrastructure and strong developer community, Nervos Network (CKB) could be one of the biggest blockchains by the end of 2023.


Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is reshaping the crowdfunding industry with a decentralized platform that uses NFTs in place of traditional equity. By taking this approach, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) allows investors to access investment opportunities that were once off-limits.

For example, if Simon believes XZX Technology will take off, he can buy an NFT from Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) that gives him equity in the company. $1 is enough to get an NFT, and the investment process is made simple with the platform’s user-friendly interface.

Smart contracts tie everything together and automate the process. No longer do middlemen need to be involved to facilitate investments — they are now automated and secure on the blockchain.

But to get the best experience from Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), users should own ORBN tokens. All holders of ORBN get first access to new projects, discounts on fees, governance rights, and more as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) gains traction.

To reward early investors, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is selling ORBN tokens at a discounted price during the official presale. But make sure to act fast — the presale is nearly sold out.

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