2021 continues to be a landmark year for the cryptocurrency world. Surging prices among Bitcoin and numerous other altcoins propelled the overall virtual currency market to over $2.6 trillion dollars by the end of October. 

Even though prices have made many investors smile, some are still sounding the alarm about the stability of the crypto market, particularly with Bitcoin. Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic research noted this fall how “the bitcoin ecosystem is still dominated by large and concentrated players, be it large miners, bitcoin holders or exchanges…this inherent concentration makes bitcoin susceptible to systemic risk and also implies that the majority of the gains from further adoption are likely to fall disproportionately to a small set of participants.”

A report from Pantera Capital also highlighted some of Bitcoin’s biggest price drops over the past few years after strong bull runs, but also expressed a belief price swings will become more moderate in the future as the market continues to broaden. 

While some still continue to argue about the long term price points of cryptocurrency especially amid and after COVID-19, very few debate whether the gradual end of the coronavirus pandemic will usher in a renaissance when it comes to in-person events and activities. 

As countries begin to loosen virus-related restrictions, many are anxious and interested to return to in-person activities, creating challenges for event planners related to ticketing, payment processing, and how to keep guests safe by following health best practices. 

These components have only ushered in the importance of DeFi platforms like PhoenixDAO and its Eventbrite-style events dApp (decentralized application). 

How DeFi Leads The Way With Event Management And Ticketing 

The PhoenixDAO team notes the goal behind their dApp is to make it as easy as possible for event managers to create activities, issue tickets, and securely collect payment. Event planners simply need to visit the dApp and input the details of their Event to immediately see a mock up of their event being populated. Users can search for events and buy tickets, this process ensures tickets always follow users around no matter where they go. 

Created events can go live in the Marketplace within a matter of minutes, with the actual event image and data stored by IFPS technology. Those interested in finding events or creating one have a useful tool in the PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace. 

An intuitive dashboard makes searching for events by name or by location simple. A comprehensive FAQ section lists answers to common questions related to ticket creation, MetaMask integration, and event management. The Events Marketplace dashboard also makes wallet integration clear and provides several options to reach out to the PhoenixDAO team and connect with the project on social media. 

PhoenixDAO’s events marketplace provides users with a secure and safe marketplace to buy tickets and create events, no matter how the wider cryptocurrency market is. 

Those interested in using the dApp can visit Phoenix’s website to get started. 

About PhoenixDAO

PhoenixDAO is a revolutionary decentralised environment that has curated a list of flagship dApps, all designed to create a more rewarding and accommodating environment for the crypto community. PhoenixDAO is powered by The DAO (governance system), Staking dApp, Events dApp and the dApp store. 

PhoenixDAO is an autonomous project with unique protocols (Identity management, authentication, payment, and tokenization protocols), which helps create a secure and safe decentralised space. 

Learn more about PhoenixDAO and Events dApp at

White Paper: PhoenixDAO on Twitter and Telegram.

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