The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has continued to attract a large amount of interest. However, many people seem to believe that buying the cryptocurrency is a difficult process. Now, one trading platform is helping to streamline the purchase of the popular cryptocurrency. That company, Jubiter, now allows the purchase of Bitcoin via a credit card.

Jubtiter launched their service, in 2018, after a year of development. The company’s main mission is to bring the buying and selling of Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies, to the everyday person. Since their launch, the company has been able to attract a healthy base of buyers and sellers through their crypto to crypto exchange.

For those interested in buying Bitcoin, Jubiter allows this transaction in three steps. The first step involves registering an account at the exchange website. After the new client registers their account, their e-mail will have to be verified. Afterward, the client will enter their credit card information. The credit card is not charged. However, the information is needed to allow the client to buy cryptocurrency. After the account has a credit card on file, the client will be able to buy Bitcoin.

Currently, Jubiter allows the buying and selling of Bitcoin as well as Litecoin. The trading can be performed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because the platform has a robust account base, clients are able to trade in a more liquid market than other platforms.

The trading platform is secured by a suite of safeguards. These safeguards include two-factor authentication, Login Guard, Identity Protection, high encryption data standards and cold storage of digital assets. These safeguards make it highly unlikely that the client’s assets or information will be compromised. In fact, Jubiter’s own staff does not have access to the client’s personal information. These levels of safeguards highly discourage any hacking attempts on the platform.

To assist client with their accounts, Jubiter offers customer service via e-mail, chat as well as telephone. Clients who wish to speak directly with a Jupiter staff member can contact the office, Monday thru Saturday, from 8:00 AM to Midnight Eastern Standard Time. These multiple customer service contact channels allow Jubiter clients to remain in constant contact with the office.

Every day, over $350 million dollars of Bitcoin is traded globally. As the cryptocurrency world increases in popularity, there will be a need for safe, reliable and easy-to-use platform. Companies such as Jubiter are helping to bring cryptocurrency trading to the everyday consumer.

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