Bitcoin Press Release: CryptoCoin.Pro have announced the world’s first tokenized blockchain event, the 2020 Virtual Blockchain Summit, which will run from June 11th – 12th.

8th June 2020, location – Blockchain is growing fast, so fast that just staying up to date with current events is a challenge in itself. The new global landscape of 2020 has only added to this challenge, making the physical attendance of such events a foregone conclusion. Despite these challenging obstacles, innovative people and companies will always find a way. 

In order to create something of value and magnitude, people of different backgrounds but with similar values must connect, gather and debate the hottest topics of today. 

CryptoCoin.PRO, organizers of the Virtual Blockchain Summit are proud to announce that they have successfully managed to circumvent today’s challenges, and organize the 2020 edition of their global event. This will be achieved with a technological twist using video-streaming solution.

The organizers of the Virtual Blockchain Summit have been working on this solution so that the world can have a seat at the table with some of the best people in the industry. Attendees will be able to engage and connect with top professionals from the blockchain, venture capital, fintech, and payment spheres. 

What makes the Virtual Blockchain Summit stand out from other events?

In addition to bringing everyone together for Blockchain Summit 2020, CryptoCoin.PRO have decided to implement blockchain technology in the event itself. 

The Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020 is the world’s first tokenized event. This means that each speaker participating at the event will receive ownership tokens in the company that organizes VBS, thanks to the tokenization technology from Tokeny Solutions, used by CryptoCoin.PRO, to tokenize an event for the very first time.

Tokenization is a technology that goes hand-in-hand with blockchain technology. It is the process of protecting sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token. The banking industry has adopted tokenization to protect sensitive card data or other financial information.

The Virtual Blockchain Summit will use blockchain-based tokenization, allowing the organizers to create a unique business environment. This new concept in the event industry is a contribution that will probably spur other innovations in the future.

The event panelists include names such as: 

  • Miko Matsumura – EverCoin
  • Henri Arslanian – FinTech Association
  • Beniamin Mincu – Elrond Network
  • Daniel Coheur – Tokeny Solutions
  • Sergiu Draganus – CryptoCoin.PRO FIAT<>Crypto ( event host )

The entire list can be read on the event’s page at:

This even offers the world the chance to have a seat at the table with some of the best names and leaders from the blockchain industry. Technologically, Virtual Blockchain Summit is living a dream. Innovation sprouts at almost every corner of every street.

Check VBS.LIVE  to register for FREE to attend the Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020 edition and take a seat at the table.


CryptoCoin.Pro – is a FIAT<>Crypto Payment and Withdrawals service provider via GUI & API / Credit Card and Bank Transfers. It aggregates a full set of compliant flows and processes helping blockchain projects to bypass their challenges and bottlenecks related to FIAT<>Crypto integrations.

Tokeny Solutions

Tokeny Solutions enables mid-cap companies, marketplaces, investment banks, funds, asset managers and distributors to dematerialize assets on the blockchain, allowing them to reach a global audience, enforce compliance obligations, enable automation and increase operational efficiency.

The Luxembourg-based FinTech company is the market-leader in delivering an institutional grade, modular end-to-end platform, allowing for the issuance, transfer and servicing management of tradable digital assets/security tokens, such as tokenized loans, structured notes, equity and funds. Tokeny has issued multiple tokenized offerings across five continents with further security offerings imminent.

Register for Virtual Blockchain Summit 2020 Edition –

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