For people trading between altcoins, good information and speed are key to turning the highest amount of profit or mitigating the greatest losses. Split second decisions and well thought out strategies are crucial to making it or breaking it in the alt trading market. However, many investors do not solely trade in altcoins, or they have other obligations such as families or other jobs which keep them from being able to stay glued to the markets and ready to enact a trade. This is where the Cryptoping Telegram bot comes in, and many people have found it useful.

One Traders’ thoughts

One columnist/trader that felt cryptoping was a worthwhile endeavor is aaronmda. His review shows off some of the key features of what Cryptoping does and what his views of it. The conclusion is summed up perfectly in a few of his sentences “if you don’t have telegram and you trade altcoins, you’re crazy.” Here he demonstrates that the bot is already built on the back of an incredible useful tool.

Since setting up Cryptoping’s bot on telegram is easy, it is clear that cryptoping is a force multiplier for aaronmda and other altcoin traders. Since you can set your own alerts -as he demonstrates in his article- you can keep track of the coins you might be looking to scoop up or cash out. But, as he notes, Cryptoping can also detect upward trends fast, and alert its users to that fact. Overall, it appears that aaronmda believes that this is an indispensable tool to traders, especially with upcoming projects like their social trading platform and integration with other messaging services.

General feelings from the cryptosphere

Since Cryptoping is still in its ICO phase, the subscription based product is still not out yet. However, this ICO seems to be favored a bit more by much of the altcoin trading world. There is a fair amount of skepticism surrounding the massive influx of ICOs recently. One large reason for that is because the product many of these ICOs offer do not exist yet or do not have plans on being released until a while after their ICO.

Cryptoping is different however, as they already have a free version of the product they intend to put out -after making tweaks to make it worth paying for- in their Telegram bot. From what one can gather researching the ICO and the bot itself on the internet, people are far more trusting of this than the vast majority of other ICOs. I think the fact that they have already put out a version of the product beyond a Proof of Concept (PoC) is massively important for this level of trust. They have been the generator of much of their own good press and hype by simply by offering a working taste of what their product is and what it will do.

From the reviews and discussions that can be found on it at this point, that overall level of trust -which, again, is pretty high for an ICO- seems to be there. People seem to trust Cryptoping because of their actions and behavior, it seems like they have done their ICO correctly.

Aaronmda’s reveiw: https:[email protected][email protected]-price-increases-and-set-alerts

Cryptoping’s ICO and other information:

Disclaimer: This not trading or investment advice. Always do your own independent and in depth research before investing in anything.

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