The digital asset markets are notoriously volatile and prone to actions spurred by the herd instinct, FUD (fear/uncertainty/doubt), and FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomena.  Sharp price movements can be triggered by news, gossip, or speculation, which is why both professional and novice traders desperately need a reliable source of information to offer them a comprehensive picture of what is going on in the crypto universe.

With that in mind,, one of the leading web development agencies in Eastern Europe, has launched the Cryptopys project.

The portal aims to become a one-stop shop for news and data for the crypto community, delivering quality content and portfolio management services in a user-friendly and straightforward way.

Cryptopys aggregates news from over a 100 reputable industry sources available in 18 languages, with the resource pool constantly growing based on community recommendations.

The portal sports an uncluttered interface that allows tracking coins and searching for relevant news in an efficient way. Users can label a story as bearish, bullish, or FUD, creating a unique market sentiment barometer.

While Cryptopys is still in its beta testing stage, it is fully functional, including its seamless self-serving promoted news and ICO promotion features which are accessible in exchange for crypto payments.

Whether you’re interested in keeping tabs on the crypto market, managing your portfolio, promoting certain stories or crypto ventures, visit the Cryptopys website to see everything for yourself.

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