UK-based blockchain company Cube is on the verge of completing the development
of a unique security platform to prevent malicious attacks on the operating network
of autonomous vehicles. Utilizing blockchain technology, Cube blocks hacking
attempts by removal of the central server and decentralization
of the automobile communication information.

London, UK, November 22, 2017, Cube, a team of blockchain technology experts, is all set to introduce a robust platform that will enhance the security of autonomous vehicles by preventing hacking. Over the last few years, the developers from the company have successfully implemented several technology solutions, including Cell Phone OS – WiPi, a Blockchain IoT Door lock, and a Carsharing IoT platform. With the global market for autonomous cars expected to exceed sixty billion in the next ten years, the upcoming development from Cube is expected to be a tremendous boon for this rapidly growing industry.

Autonomous vehicles are now considered to be the next big thing in automobile sectors all over the world. Several experts have already confirmed that these vehicles are safer compared to the ones driven by humans. However, the attempts to commercialize autonomous vehicles have been disrupted to a great extent by the apprehensions about malicious attacks on their operating network. In a recent survey conducted in America, it was found that seventy-five percent of one thousand respondents were concerned about riding autonomous cars because of hacking.

The nucleus of the security platform conceptualized by Cube lies in blockchain technology. As blockchain shares information with hundreds of thousands of computers, hacking is impossible unless the offender can hack all those computers at the same time. Experts suggest that this is the reason why bitcoin has not experienced a single hacking incident over the last decade. Cube makes use of the same technology to keep the hackers at bay. It blocks the malicious attack by removing the central server and decentralizing automobile communication information. The second stage uses AI’s deep learning to create hundreds of millions of attack scenarios. Based on these scenarios, hundreds of millions of potential defenses create a system.

Cube’s vision is to build a robust and tamper proof security platform based on blockchain for the next generation vehicles,” says Philip Lee, the CEO of Cube. “We strongly believe that our blockchain technology will reshape the future of security platforms for self-driving cars. Please join us in re-inventing the security platform around an autonomous vehicle ecosystem.”

Cube is currently in the final stages of development and is preparing Quantum Security Cryptography for higher security. They have recently collaborated with developers from Carnegie Mellon’s computer engineering department and German Benz and BMW developers to complete the development phase. The company plans to proceed with their ICO in December 2017 for further development.

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About Cube:

Cube is a UK based company, currently engaged in developing an autonomous car security platform based on Blockchain. Autonomous cars rely heavily on wireless communication techniques, increasing the risk of malicious attacks. Cube leverages the power of blockchain technologies, AI-based deep learning and quantum hash cryptography to eliminate the security issues for these vehicles.

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