d10e was founded in 2014 to unite entrepreneurial-minded people in the blockchain space. It is the oldest and most established blockchain conference, boasting 9 installations to date. Their conferences take place all over the world, with the most recent one being in San Francisco.

Over the weekend of August 11th, blockchain and business magnates gathered in the Bay Area to network and discuss the future of this exponentially growing space. They enjoyed a plethora of speakers, dinners, and parties all put together by d10e.

Being there felt similar to being at the ground floor during the early days of the internet rush. Everyone has grandiose ideas on how their ideas and products will fundamentally change the way the world operates. And this ICO model of raising funds is making these aspirations a potential reality.

Notable blockchain teams to pitch sponsored at the event included: EOS, Agrello, Propy, Everex, Science Blockchain, and Everipedia. Members of the audience included both d10e chairs, Blockchain Capital’s Brock Pierce and Krowdmentor Founder Mike Costache.

Each pitch went into detail in explaining how the blockchain technology has the potential to create a self regulating and decentralized product that will ultimately make existing industries more effective and efficient.

After extensive networking during the days, the d10e agenda hosted very elegant and delicious catered dinners. This creates the perfect setting to continue these dialogues surrounding the blockchain in a new, more relaxed setting. These dinners were then followed by VIP service at some of the hottest nightclubs in San Francisco.

Thanks to the sponsors of d10e, the newly found colleagues now could let loose over an open bar and some trendy music. d10e perfectly crafted a balance between work and play – ultimately with the intent of establishing business connections to drive capital to fundamentally overhaul century-old industries throughout the world. The d10e conference was one-of-a-kind.

If you unfortunately missed this one, the next d10e event will take place September 16 – 19 in Kyiv, Ukraine. This one is special due to the first ever ICO pitch where the first, second, third place winners of the competition will win an investment from some of the top 50 crypto hedge funds. This is huge as they will be able to claim that these big names back their product and ICO.

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