As our world becomes increasingly digitalized and automated, the blockchain is the latest craze amongst the tech community. It promises transparency and autonomous decentralization of markets in a economy dictated by big banks and tech giants.  

Amidst the hype surrounding the fanatic crowdfunding through ICOs or initial coin offerings – many believe the underlying technology has the potential to completely disrupt various key industries.

Although there exists extensive information online regarding these technologies, it is still imperative to meet the people pioneering this innovation.


That is why blockchain conferences, such as d10e, prove  extaordinarily valuable for developers and investors alike. Both factions connect in a comfortable setting to encourage collaboration and investment.

Over the past eight years, d10e has set this gold standard for blockchain conferences. Featuring speakers such as Blockchain Capital’s and The Bitcoin Foundation’s Brock Pierce, Krowdmentor’s and TaaS’s Mike Costache, and Blockchain Education Network’s and Augur’s Jeremy Gardner – the conference offers top notch speakers.

Attendees not only get to learn from these speakers, but most importantly, they are able to attend dinners with them. d10e provides a perfect setting to get to know these influential blockchain magnates in a comfortable setting to facilitate business.

Kiev, Ukraine

Next week d10e will host a blockchain conference in Kiev, Ukraine from September 16th to September 19th. Speakers at this event include 

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