Metaverse giants Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) are losing their investors to a novel project, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). Representing the future of investment, the platform offers a brand new form of venture capitalism that’s set to revolutionize the VC industry. 

Let’s take a look at all three of these projects – Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Orbeon – to see what’s going on, and get a closer look at the situation moving forward.


Decentraland losing holders and investors to Orbeon Protocol

Decentraland is clearly losing value and with it, committed investors. At the same time, Decentraland is also suffering from a low, dwindling user base on its metaverse platform. With many dubious about the future of these metaverse projects, it makes sense why so many tired Decentraland holders are jumping ship.

Decentraland is an amazing concept, and as a project, it’s certainly compelling, but Decentraland just doesn’t have the intrinsic value to compete with Orbeon in the long run. Whether or not Decentraland can recover remains to be seen, but some investors believe that with the continued development of these metaverse technologies, there is always the possibility for a higher user base in the near future.

The Sandbox user base plummets

The Sandbox, another online metaverse giant, has seen its user base plummet over the last few months. While projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox started out solid, they have ultimately suffered from monetary barriers, preventing access to normal people. Many NFTs are prohibitively expensive, and with most people more interested in smaller-scale investment, The Sandbox has little on offer. 

The future of The Sandbox is still unknown, but it will certainly require increasing numbers of users in order to make The Sandbox a viable platform for the future. 


Orbeon Protocol: $10.5m by end of the presale, up 6000% in token value

Orbeon Protocol is slowly but surely siphoning users and investors away from less dynamic projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox. Determined to become a recognised leader in the crypto and venture capital industries, Orbeon Protocol stands out as the first of its kind, to utilize NFT investment for startup funding.

Startups who wish to raise capital through Orbeon Protocol are minted as fractionalized NFTs which represent equity, a fascinating concept which is drawing substantial attention across both crypto and investment circles. Everyday investors can then purchase these NFTs for as low as $1, Anyone can now get a lucrative avenue into the exciting world of venture capital, which until now was reserved solely for wealthier players in the market. 

The Orbeon Protocol platform offers advantages to both users and businesses alike, providing vital opportunities to engage directly with each other, swap currencies between investors, exchange NFT fractions, and even store everything using the secure Orbeon wallet.

As well as this, Orbeon Protocol features a native token, ORBN, which is used to power governance votes for the platform, as well as staking bonuses, transaction fee discounts and more.

Orbeon Protocol allows anyone to take part in early-stage investing – instead of just wealthy people, as venture capitalism has remained until now. Set to have $10.5m invested by the end of its presale, as well as surge up by 6000% in token value, investors are excited to see what the future holds for this project. 

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