DEFIT, the ERC20 token of 360Wellness, a Blockchain-based health and fitness application, was launched last week. 

Within just a week of its launch, the 360Wellness community and DEFIT have crossed as many as 20,000 followers on all of the social media platforms showing the massive interest of people in a decentralized fitness solution. 

360Wellness synergizes the world of decentralization finance with fitness. DEFIT provides the missing piece of this ecosystem where users can follow a healthy lifestyle and reach their fitness goals without worrying about the security of their data or the integrity of data provided on the platform. 

The DEFIT Token

What makes DEFIT token unique is that it is a one-stop financial solution for the underlying fitness providing a comprehensive environment including training routines, educational material, live classes, and sleep tracking, among several other features.

The 360Wellness application, built on top of Blockchain technology, provides a secure ecosystem. The personal information of the users such as their calorie intake, eating habits, daily schedules, and sleep activity can not be accessed by any third party as they are secured with the best encryption techniques. In addition to this, the application introduces much-needed credibility in this space. Users can interact directly with trainers from all around the globe. In contrast to fake ratings, 360Wellness provides a platform where users can refer to the actual genuine reviews and can be sure about the qualification of the trainer. 

However, a significant area where 360Wellness makes a difference is the availability of the DEFIT token to facilitate a decentralized financial ecosystem and provide an end-to-end solution for the fitness industry. 

The inclusion of an ERC20 token has opened up the doors for a plethora of applications and possible synergies. For instance, the application can list the token in any liquidity pool and accommodate the modern DeFi services such as staking and swapping. 

The DEFIT token further allows the users to enjoy a commission based approach rather than a subscription model which essentially becomes a pay-as-you-use model allowing a streamlined and transparent financial ecosystem.

The most astonishing feature is the token buy back. The company follows the most well-known and popular approach in the cryptosphere of buying back the tokens with the revenue surplus. This allows the token price to increase substantially over time and gives a chance to the users to make substantial profits. 

The DEFIT token is also used in the reference model. The users can also hold the tokens if they want to avail any services or complete any in-app purchases. They can also send and receive these tokens 

Lucrative features such as faster and cheaper cross-border payment, promotional rewards and loyalty rewards that help the platform reach mass adoption are also facilitated by the DEFIT token. Therefore, the DEFIT token has made it feasible for the application to provide modern financial services. 

It is essential to consider that the 360Wellness app has been downloaded across 172 countries. Therefore, considering the use of DEFIT in the 360Wellness ecosystem for various activities, there is a high possibility of DEFIT to gain unmatched traction. 

In a nutshell, DEFIT allows users to monetize their fitness goals. It is giving purpose to people for staying fit and following a healthy lifestyle by incentivizing their activities. 


Building a decentralized application was just one step in digitalizing the health and fitness industry. What truly completes this digital ecosystem is the addition of DEFIT token. Replacing the existing brick and mortar system, the DEFIT token introduces the powers of decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies in the environment of 360Wellness. 


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