The crypto world is a comparatively newer arena and one that gained fire like no other phenomenon before. However, compared with the well-regulated stock market wherein trading is relatively less complicated, the cryptocurrency market is like the wild west. 

Persisting issues like lack of transparency, poor customer service, and sheer absence or lack of regulation have constantly made customers sceptical of traditional crypto exchanges.

In light of these issues, DIFX, a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, aims to bring massive and prolonged changes in the digital exchange of financial products and currencies. Emerging as one of the first true cross-asset blockchain-based trading networks, DIFX gives sellers, buyers, individuals, prime brokers, and corporations a secured platform.

The platform also excels at effectively dealing with real-world payment problems by providing simple, effective and secure payment & cross-border trading solutions.

There are several minefields that an unsuspecting crypto traveler needs to be wary of. While most traditional crypto exchanges continue to function with these pitfalls, DIFX is a game-changer for crypto exchanges.

Characteristics such as client support, usability, and regulations are not the only elements considered while choosing a crypto trade. One central element that is constantly dismissed is regulation; however, DIFX has emerged as a reliable exchange platform by actively working towards bettering these issues.

Advantages of DIFX Over Traditional Crypto Only Exchanges

First and foremost, DIFX uses the Decentralized Exchange Custom Matching Engine. DIFX efficiently links the customer’s wallet, allowing all trades to be made directly from the client wallet to the other party’s wallet. This will guarantee that the transaction is completely decentralized and all the digital currencies will consistently be with the customers or buyers.

The securely designed mechanism further requires a two-factor authentication wherein every customer’s secret answer, and a public key is needed for the trade to be decentralized. Every one of the tokens or coins in the centralized wallet will be moved to the customer’s wallet. Post the transfer, all future exchanges for the clients would happen from their wallet to the separate wallet of the different clients taking an interest in the exchange. This wallet-to-wallet transfer makes the trade a lot easier.

Why is DIFX a game-changer?

The DIFX ideology acknowledges that venture interaction ought to be fairer and more accessible to individuals who need to build their assets. Financial backers who have digital currencies in their asset portfolio don’t have the chance to exchange on world monetary business sectors by putting resources into traditional asset classes like indices, stable stocks, commodities, forex, and so on.

DIFX is intended to empower an extensive system that offers the benefit of facilitating significant exchanging verticals, solitarily bound together as a bundled offering. It expects to make an ultra secured hybrid working model of a centralized & decentralized exchange that incorporates atomic swaps aided by blockchain technology.

The DIFX interface is designed to effectively deal with real-world and real-time payment problems by providing simple, effective, and secure payment & trading solutions across borders.

The ease of usage further makes the platform uncomplicated for anyone, right from beginners to advanced traders or investors, and institutions with a user-friendly interface that combines decentralized & centralized trading practices.

By leveraging blockchain technology, DIFX aims to make remittance services accessible and offer additional value for consumers for the judicious use of digital assets. The technology supports various features like a faster digital exchange, better connectivity, secured & profitable customer wallet service, a flexible cross-asset platform that enables ease of exchange, powered by blockchain technology, and many others. DIFX further targets a reduced settlement time and efficiency for its customers while trading, with immutable ledger records and a highly secured & intense transaction network.

In Conclusion

Despite the statements from many exchanges, it cannot be denied that crypto exchanges are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. While the crypto ecosystem offers various services, choosing the perfect and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform is always a somewhat neglected task. 

However, DIFX’s secured, inclusive, reliable, and the easy-to-use platform takes the customer experience a notch higher. Unlike many conventional crypto exchanges, DIFX has made conscious efforts to enable a user-friendly interface.


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