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DigiByte has been top of mind for most cryptocurrency enthusiast for quite a while proving that the coin has been gaining traction despite a bear trend in the market. Even though the cryptocurrency has been in existence for a long time, it is only recently that it has managed to capture the attention of the market and for a good reason. Digibyte has been in development mode with new features that are bound to change the security game in the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Digibyte’s Digi-ID is set to be the most revolutionary feature for security and authentication of users in the crypto space. Unlike most cryptocurrency projects that are fond of promising huge developments and technological advancements, Digibyte stands out as it already has a beta version of the Digi ID running.

What is the Digi-ID Authenticator all about?

To put it simply, Digi-ID is based on DigiByte’s Blockchain to be a simple and straightforward authentication and security system. With Digi-ID, users can log into websites and applications by tapping or scanning on a QR code that is automatically generated through mathematics. With this method, you will no longer need to fumble with the issue of remembering your passwords and usernames for every single login process. Basically, the Digi-ID protocol is on the forefront of enabling additional security and ease of use on Blockchain application.

How does it work?

Glad you asked, well Digi-ID will be integrated into the app or the website and on visiting a website, the website will generate a QR code. Your Digi-ID authenticator will then scan the code and receive a string of numbers and letters with details of your login information. Thanks to cryptography (the same security concept that makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Digibyte immutable) the Digi-ID feature will easily verify your information by sending an encrypted message to the website containing your login information. By this approach, you only need your Digi-ID to log in even on multiple devices at the same time.

The amazing part is that the Digi-ID technology is built on sophisticated mathematics and cryptography such that it even addresses privacy concerns. You can use it without worrying about your Date of Birth, phone details or name being exposed as the Digi-ID authenticator does not store your personal information. This feature can be a game changer not only for the Blockchain and cryptocurrency community but also for global internet usage at large (considering growing concerns over privacy online).

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