Bitcoin Press Release: Apllon Foundation believes in the free flow of value through blockchain, giving retail and other businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the decentralized technology.

July 14th, 2018, Location: Blockchain technology without doubt is a game changer in the modern, cut throat competition-based world. The decentralized technology’s efficient, cheap and robust system gives businesses the edge they need to stay ahead of the curve. Yet, most face hurdles in adopting the technology. The cost of starting a separate chain, hiring expensive experts, and upgrading hardware are just a few of the blockages that organizations face and consequently, they can shy away from the technology.

Apollon’s Solution

By giving commercial-level integration of blockchain technology into existing corporate infrastructure, the Apollon Foundation gives a cheaper alternative to companies and organizations to shift their working to the new age of decentralization. The platform offers:

  • An Electronic Shop On The Blockchain: Representing the business on the Apollon marketplace, the shop allows any user commercial retailer, service provider or organization working in a legitimate and defined industry the right to open up a virtual shop, using APO, the Apollon token.
  • Delegated Proof Of Stake: Using the latest Byzantine Delegated Proof of Stake model, businesses are given incentive for staking their APO tokens. The e-shop customers can also benefit from the staking model.
  • Sidechains: By giving businesses the option to build their own side chains on the main chain, Apollon allows users to create specific chains that run off the main chain, giving shopkeepers use of specific technologies such as smart contracts and flashing.
  • Independent Point of Sales System: E-shop owners can create their own PoS or any other form of customer payment system, with Apollon having no involvement in it.

APO Token Generation Event

The APO token drives the exchange mechanism of the Apollon platform. The Main token generation event starts on July 16th, with a tag of 1 APO = USD 1 and 248,000,000 are tokens available for investors. This follows successful private events which lasted from 7th May to 13th of July , where the platform saw contributors purchase 210,000,000 APO tokens.

JP Event And Apollon

Apollon recently held a presentation in the Fintech The Future event held on 10th of July. The event had Apollon showcasing its workings, with Apollon’s CEO, Alen Iau leading the hour long presentation. Mr. Alen kept the crowd engaged as he described the technology and the applications of Apollon platform. Considering the event was held on a weekday, attracting a crowd of more than 3000 people was impressive.

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