In early October, the Chilly-Mazarin Criminal Court heard the case of a formerly convicted drug dealer who had stepped up in the world of crime. In addition to cocaine and marijuana, police found a semi automatic in the suspect’s home. The gun, he said, came from the darknet.

Local news outlets reported that the 31-year-old suspect had not “escaped a prison sentence.” In a way, he came close during his Chilly-Mazarin case; the judge had ordered a two year prison sentence, but with a suspended year.



On numerous occasions in the recent past, leparisien wrote, that the suspect had caught drug trafficking charges for the purpose of reselling the drugs in face to face transactions. Outside of the scope of the 31-year-old’s case, darknet news spilled out of many French publications. And in one case, even Europol. One of the most recent incidents included the story of the former Dream Market vendor and moderator, OxyMonster aka Gal Vallerius.

Additionally, France recently offered a list of translations for the “darknet.” They raised some complaints as the definitions provided by the Journal Officiel (of the French republic) left open ends. The difference between the deepweb and darknet were ignored, according to critics.

In the recently closed case in the Chilly-Mazarin Criminal Court, no new definitions were needed nor did they matter. The court heard how the 31-year-old found himself in police custody yet again for drug trafficking, this time with a weapon. Drug trafficking itself was not unusual for the man. Nor was the actual drug party of the crime.

The defendant had, in the past, distributed drugs that he had ordered from darknet marketplaces. A fairly normal activity. Law enforcement caught the man, this time, after he made an illegal U-turn with hidden license plates. A police car pulled him over and discovered five containers of cocaine. Soon after, police searched the defendant’s Chilly-Mazarin home.

They found more than 40 grams of cocaine in the refrigerator. And under the sink, they found nearly 300 grams of marijuana. Include a semi-automatic weapon and ammunition to match. When questioned about the gun, he told police that he needed it for self-defense. “I bought it on the Darknet to protect me. Two months ago, I was assaulted,” he said. A notable period in history where someone had successfully ordered a gun from the darknet. And later got arrested for traffic violations.

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