BL3P announced the expansion of their services into the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). This marks a significant extension from their original operation which primarily served residents of the Netherlands. BL3P, a subsidiary of Bitonic, is a bitcoin exchange founded in 2013 that allows users to buy and sell bitcoin using Euros.

With their expansion complete, BL3P’s aims to grow their user base outside of their Dutch majority through the targeting of new customers in the EU region. Speaking to Bitcoin Magazine Jeroen Rijnbout of BL3P stated, “We want to put BL3P on the map as a reliable and user-friendly trading platform for users from the Eurozone.” In the long term, BL3P hopes to build its reputation “as an exchange that is run by an experienced team and take Bitonic to the international stage.”

The move brings BL3P into the EU marketplace, which is already competitive in the bitcoin space with dozens of exchanges competing for customers. Rijnbout views this competition with optimism stating, “We believe it is good to have multiple exchanges to choose from. This enables users to spread their risk, profit from arbitrage and choose a party that they trust. Centralization of the majority of bitcoin trading to one exchange is dangerous, as we have seen in the past. We see it as a healthy development for the ecosystem.”

With their recent expansion, the Dutch company now allows all SEPA countries to buy and sell bitcoin. Their current services offer the ability to use market and limit orders. BL3P charges a fixed trading fee of 0.25 percent on all buy/sell transactions. However, for the next five weeks this transaction fee is discounted by 50 percent as part of Bitonic’s 5th anniversary celebration.

BL3P currently offers services that support the bitcoin cryptocurrency, but has stated its plans to expand support to alternative cryptocurrencies in the future. “We pay close attention to the developments in altcoins and see great value in some of them as testbeds for future developments on Bitcoin,” says Rijnbout.

“We tend to be hesitant in adding new currencies, as we want to ensure an altcoin or token has added value before we add them to our platforms,” Rijnbout adds. “However, at the same time, we listen to and understand the needs of traders and investors and we want to be able to meet their wishes.” For example, Rijnbout suggested that support for Litecoin on their trading platform is of particular interest to BL3P with services coming “soon.”

BL3P is the only exchange with headquarters located in the Netherlands; it holds Dutch bank accounts to process euro transactions. Bitonic uses the iDEAL payment method which ensures that SEPA customers receive near-instant deposits and withdrawals of fiat currency into customer accounts.

Bitonic is the largest Bitcoin company in the Netherlands. With more than 11 full-time employees, BL3P has sold well over 250,000 bitcoins with 30-day volumes now processing over 8,200 bitcoins.

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