A vast multitude of ways is available that enables an individual to earn cryptocurrency online.  However, they, undoubtedly, require you to devote time and efforts from your side. In this post, we are highlighting the methods through which, anybody who is interested to earn cryptocurrency, can do so. Please note that some of the methods given below may require little to no effort from your side but will also shell out negligible returns. Others might provide a significant amount of returns but require an individual to have a good knowledge and hands-on experience of the relative industry and the market. Hence, it might seem at the beginning that garnering cryptocurrency is easy, but, if an individual is expecting to acquire handsome amounts of crypto without acquiring any kind of knowledge or expertise before, he/she is most likely on a one-way road to major losses.

Following are certain options that you must consider if you are interested to earn cryptocurrency online.

  • Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin trading, no doubt, just like any other financial market, has got a huge earning potential. However, similar to other financial markets, you need to have a decent amount of knowledge and expertise before jumping into Bitcoin trading. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and if you are entering into the market without any kind of prior knowledge or experience you are most likely to suffer from losses. Also, if you wish to earn through Bitcoin trading you must own a significant amount of Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin trading market is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Thus, you have to monitor the market frequently in order to tap on certain profitable changes. But, this means you have to play with your health and ditch your personal life. Here comes into play bitcoin trading robots. Bitcoin trading robots have an inbuilt algorithm, based on which they can take trading decisions when you are not around.  Take into account the time when you are sleeping. Anything can happen in the market in that unmonitored time. A bitcoin trading robot can analyze the market for you and take trading decisions on your behalf under such circumstances.

However, it is wise to select a robot whose algorithm can be changed according to market conditions and thus you require having a significant knowledge of coding for that. The pioneer in the field of bitcoin trading robots is which has created a bot based on Artificial Intelligence. This means the bot can learn from market conditions and take trading decisions accordingly. Hence, is your ideal companion as far as bitcoin trading is concerned. Moreover, the website even has in operation an affiliate program through which you can enhance your profits even further.

  • Websites Hosting Paid-to-Click Services

As it might have got clear from the name itself, you get paid in Bitcoin on these websites for doing tasks like visiting certain websites or having a look on certain advertisements. However, the income earned through paid-to-click websites is negligible as even if you keep on running advertisements for the entire day you won’t be able to earn more than $5-$10. Hence, this might not be an efficient option to earn for many. Ads4BTC is the most popular paid-to-click website.

  • Bitcoin Faucets

Probably, you have never heard about Bitcoin Faucets before. A bitcoin faucet is a website that allows users to earn a meager amount of Bitcoin by visiting the advertisements or completing surveys which are placed by the owners of the websites itself. Another way in which you can earn from Bitcoin faucets is by bringing visitors to the website. So, if you are bringing any visitor on a particular website through your Bitcoin Faucet link then you as well as the visitor you brought in will earn some amount of Bitcoin.

  • Micro Jobs

Micro means small and so are these jobs. Many websites such as Coinworker pay you in Bitcoins for completing small tasks. The tasks are pretty simple and may range from compatibility testing of a particular software or simply following a Facebook page. The earnings might seem minuscule but they are, definitely, more than paid-to-click websites or bitcoin faucets.

  • Becoming a Writer on Blogs or News Websites

If you have good writing skills and have a decent amount of knowledge on cryptocurrencies then you can utilize the same for writing articles and posts on cryptocurrencies on popular blogs and crypto news websites. The rise in cryptocurrencies has also led to a substantial increase in the number of related blogs and websites. Often, these blogs or websites, require knowledgeable and skillful writers to write posts about various cryptocurrencies. Good news is that you can choose the mode of payment to be either fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency. Majorly, Bitcoin is used to make payments if any writer chooses cryptocurrency as a mode of payment.

  • Affiliate Marketing Program

If you are the owner of a blog or a website that discusses various aspects of cryptocurrency and have a sufficient number of online visitors then you can take the route of affiliate programs to garner some amount of cryptocurrency. You can put up affiliate links to an existing Bitcoin business on your website or blog and earn commission for every successful referral that you bring in. So, in this case, if your blog is read or the website is visited by a considerable number of people then the potential to earn through this method is, almost, limitless. More the number of people reading your posts more are the chances that they will click on the affiliate link provided in the post. To increase your chances you must make sure that the post and the affiliate link must be related to each other.

  • Bitcoin Lending

Bitcoin Lending has got a huge potential to garner a considerable amount of income. As it becomes clear from the name itself, under Bitcoin Lending, you are actually lending your bitcoin to others on a rate of interest. Intermediary websites are available to facilitate the process. Since the cryptocurrency market is not regulated, you can earn a significant amount of interest on lending your bitcoins. The rate of interest is often more than the standard lending rates of traditional banks. However, along with the advantages, there are certain disadvantages as well. The major disadvantage being if the borrower decides not to pay back the Bitcoin to you; nothing much can be done from your side. Hence, Bitcoin Lending must be considered only if you have a large stash of Bitcoin with you.

  • Binary Options

Binary options, as clear from the name only has two options. You either win or lose. All you need to do is to predict whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall over a certain period of time. If the events happen according to your prediction then you will receive the agreed payment otherwise you will lose your investment.


These are some of the popular ways in which you can earn real cryptocurrency online. Remember, there is nothing like free crypto. So, if anybody says to you that you can get cryptocurrency for free, he/she is most likely inviting you to a scam. Hence, do your research before selecting your path to earn cryptocurrency.

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