Cryptocurrency markets are seeing further stability this week amid Q4 earnings season. The continuing trend is now even making industry businesses adjust their focus to keep customers interest high.

Crypto No Q4 Wild Card

While some assets have shown more volatility than others, the picture from within the top ten cryptoassets by market cap remains decidedly flat.

For several months, markets have failed to produce significant rises or falls beyond temporary swells in some altcoins. Bitcoin, which just months ago often saw intensely volatile periods, has entered a stage of newfound calm.

While this calm has delighted investors who champion its use as a store of value, Bitcoin 00 even beating some fiat assets and commodities in terms of stability, some continue to search for a way to optimize the potential of their holdings.

eToro, the UK-based hybrid trading platform, says the answer to the sideways performance of crypto markets comes in the form of corporate earnings season.

The portion of the year when companies are set to report their financial gains, share prices can fluctuate enough based on the information supplied to make trading them at the right time a goal in itself.

“Each earnings season presents a plethora of opportunities, as, since 2001, earnings reports have impacted share prices by an average of 5.34 percent,” the company explained in a press release November 13.

Crypto Traders Out For ‘Alternatives’

Despite rolling out new crypto assets, including as the first venue to offer exchange Binance’s in-house token Binance Coin (BNB) 00 for fiat last month, eToro says its traders are actively “looking for investment alternatives” to the cooling crypto markets.

Other actors are looking to offer a way to put passive cryptocurrency holdings ‘to work’ in different ways.

In the age of a more rangebound BTC/USD 00, dedicated initiatives involving using cryptocurrency holdings as collateral to secure fiat loans are beginning to emerge for the mass market.

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