Advertisment, the cryptocurrency and merchant-focused zero-fee frictionless payment processor bringing the benefits of blockchain to consumers and businesses around the world, is excited to announce its 2018 Project Progress Report.

2018 has been a very exciting year of development and progress for both the currency and associated platforms. With the successful completion of the network source code development in late 2017, proceeded to pre-mine its maximum token supply of 333,333,333 ECR coins in January of 2018. The first successfully signed block followed immediately after. In this new network-based economy, every active participant plays the role of their own bank by authorizing the transactions and maintaining the integrity of the open ledger. continues to expand its user base with over 700 active networks participants to date. Driven by a philosophy of sustainable blockchain usage, expects to continue adding new users to its network by generating intrinsic value for businesses and consumers through the propagation of our highly-secure, fee-less distributed digital currency and accompanying suite of user-friendly interface applications.  

Fourth quarter 2018 has been a highly productive time for with the release of the whitepaper, 2019 roadmap, new marketing materials, and web wallet. The whitepaper encompasses the overall platform architecture while highlighting the values behind the project and its future. Behind’s wider adoption strategy is the release of the convenient ECR web wallet, which allows users to send and receive nearly instantaneous transactions without the need to download the entire blockchain history or run a node.

First quarter 2019 is projected to be just as productive, with growth strategies coming to fruition through the listing of ECR on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. The release of new marketing materials in time with the listing of ECR on cryptocurrency exchanges is expected to drive traffic to the platform in the form of new network participants. This will prove a critical juncture for as increased adoption and network participation allows it to begin establishing key business partnerships in new industries, particularly the tourism and travel sectors.

Those Interested in learning more can visit to view the whitepaper, transaction volume, and the latest news and developments. Visit ECR’s Github to view the ECR blockchain source code and a rich history of 14,000+ commits from over 400 contributors.

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