The brand new coin, named after the famous purchase, ELON BUY TWITTER (referred to as ELON BUYS TWITTER (EBT) from this point onwards) has skyrocketed in price once it became available for purchase. Though the coin is not even a week old yet, we’re monitoring and investigating this coin – as its trend and its growth could be something that continues for a while longer yet. The Orbeon Protocol Token price is also growing – and considering it is in Phase 1 Presale, it’s putting out huge numbers. Experts have predicted the price of the Orbeon Protocol Token to rise by 6000%.

 Let’s dive in!


ELON BUYS TWITTER (EBT) Skyrocketing in Price, Other Coins Following

EBT, shortly after its release, skyrocketed in price. While it debuted at a ridiculous number – far less than even a penny – ELON BUYS TWITTER (EBT)’s value has risen considerably. It’s gone up a decimal place, has a streak of strong growth in the first twenty-four hours, and is expected to continue to grow. ELON BUYS TWITTER (EBT)’s current value is $0.0000014, which isn’t very much, but many other coins started at similarly low rates. 

Other coins that have similarly spiked, with a trend towards growth evident in the last few days. Include Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, and Orbeon Protocol. These coins rose by about 8%, 123%, 23% and 1000% respectively.

Orbeon Protocol, Mounting Huge Presale Numbers

While ELON BUYS TWITTER (EBT) has had a great first-day showing, the Orbeon token has had an insane presale phase, that still has 88 days left to go!. The idea behind the Orbeon Protocol platform is to provide the everyday investor with a way to invest in some of the world’s most promising startups from as little as $1 through the use of fractional NFTs. The Orbeon Token is only currently offering 40% of its total tokens during the Phase 1 Presale, but plenty of people have already shown eagerness by buying up the token. Orbeon Protocol is currently seing high demand and many experts estimate a massive growth of up to 6000% after the presale ends, to a starting price of $0.24 a coin. 

Orbeon Protocol is set to be one of the biggest and best cryptocurrencies to invest in. The math and planning behind the project are solid and strong, while the idea of allowing people to fractionally invest in some of the world’s most promising startups provides real world utility and longevity. Give Orbeon a try if you are looking for a solid investment choice.

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