Mass adoption of crypto-currencies will require low cost fees, fast transactions and a tokens and coins that are highly liquid. E-Tec Pay has come out with precisely this solution in the form of the ETEC coin, which is going on pre-sale soon, followed by the main crowdsale in March. ETEC is specially designed for low fee, high liquidity use and offers a 75 percent faster transaction time compared to Bitcoin.

The ETEC token sale comprises 2 billion tokens based on the popular Ethereum blockchain. Fifty percent of these will be available to the public, 30 percent are reserved for rewards and 5 percent are earmarked for the bounty program. Unsold tokens will be eliminated and no tokens will be issued after the sale.

Although cryptocurrencies serve to remove dependence upon banks and central authorities, the growing presence of third parties that enable daily transactions is of concern. The outcome is lack of growth due to issues such as high exchange and trading fees, low acceptability, inadequate safety, liquidity concerns and market volatility. In addition, with the requirements of wallets, exchanges, KYC and accounts, a normal user literally turns into an amateur trader.

ETEC is being launched as a cryptocurrency that resolves the above issues and is almost plug-and-play, secure, and widely accepted with its own exchange that carries minimal fees. The ETEC ecosystem is complete in all respects, equipped with the ETEC token, the ETEC Crypto-trading Exchange, the ETEC Pay App, a wallet and coin mining infrastructure. Moreover, any merchant can utilize the ETEC Pay platform to accept other major cryptocurrencies as well.

ETEC-COIN is reshaping the payment ecosystem by introducing token transaction processing system that enable payments within mobile apps, mobile wallets and merchants. We also aim to disrupt traditional crypto trading by making it simplified at reduced costs,” said a spokesperson from E-TEC Pay.

ETEC Coin is meant for large volume transactions based on its highly fast transaction times, thus making it ideal for mainstream adoption. The launch of the coin will be followed by the ETEC-Crypto Exchange, which will charge significantly low fees compared to other payment platforms. Apart from a dedicated exchange, the coin also offers a mining scheme to help in value appreciation.

“With our ETEC-Coin, you can easily carry around a million dollars’ worth of ETEC-Coin online or in a few megabytes of space. All transaction with ETEC-Coin can be easily done by using ETEC-Coin wallet application or even ETEC-COIN App through merchants all across the globe,” said a spokesperson from E-TEC Pay.

ETEC will support variety digital wallets with encryption, making it secure and accountable. The ETEC wallet will work as a full featured crypto-bank and more, handling all major cryptocurrencies and allowing for payments to merchants across the world. The ETEC exchange is also a novel platform with a simple interface, high liquidity and capable of handling extremely large volumes for people of any background to trade easily and at reduced costs. The ETEC coin mining is another attraction for investors, with a mining farm that allows rewards, and a central mining facility with low costs, low maintenance, and zero infrastructural charges.

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