Today the developers of the online blockchain-based lottery LuckyToken are thrilled to announce the launch of the ICO following the astonishing success of the LuckyToken pre-ICO that sold out at a little over $1.3 million.

All wishing to partake in the LuckyToken success are invited to download the platform wallet and purchase LUC tokens. main advantage is the absolute transparency of all processes transpiring on the platform and the complete and utter impossibility of fraud due to the use of smart contracts. As stated by one of the creators of the LuckyToken blockchain-based lottery, “…you may call LuckyToken a baby step on behalf of the entire online gaming community: we are laying tracks for every single online casino and an online lottery that decides to jump on the blockchain train. And believe us, it’s happening as we speak!..”

Another member of the team of creators of LuckyToken expresses a real joy that  “…so many people took such an interest in the LuckyToken ground-breaking idea” admitting that the exorbital level of excitement during the pre-ICO was completely unexpected and overwhelming.

LuckyToken offers to players:

  • The lottery mechanism and prize payments are displayed on the Ethereum blockchain and are available for viewing to everyone.
  • Despite the fact that the blockchain is an open database, it only shows the numbers of electronic wallets. Personal data is not required.
  • Fair distribution of funds. The LuckyToken platform can track funds received from ticket sales: 50-60% of one LUC is a prize fund*.
  • A player needs only to register on the website and have an Ethereum wallet.

*It’s impossible to calculate, what percentage of the cost of the classic lottery tickets goes into prize funds, given that according to the data of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, last year Americans spent on lottery tickets $70.15 billion, and the maximum jackpot in the history of MegaMillions was $656 million, which is about 1% of the total amount of lottery spending.

The LuckyToken rules are fairly straightforward. After registering, you may purchase the desired amount of LUC for Ether. The cost of 1 LUC is equivalent to $0.75, which is the price of a single play. 1 LUC is not just a lottery ticket, it is a full token, which can be exchanged for another currency or used to pay for goods and services.

Once the tokens are purchased, a player uses personal cabinet on the platform to choose a game – there are three games available any given week, held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

The LuckyToken ICO starts on March 5th, 2018 (00:00 UTC) and will continue until all 10,000,000 LUC are sold out, but no later than May 5, 2018. During the ICO all LuckyTokens (LUC) will be sold at a discount:

Sum, LUC Rate Discount
1,000,000 1 LUC=0,15$ 80%
1,500,000 1 LUC=0,30$ 60%
2,000,000 1 LUC=0,45$ 40%
2,500,000 1 LUC=0,60$ 20%
3,000,000 1 LUC=0,75$ 0%


The LuckyToken team is confident in reaching the targeted hard cap. This confidence is attributed to the unique nature of services the platform will offer. LuckyToken is the first online gambling platform to deliver to participants all the benefits of the blockchain technology, which will strongly appeal to the gaming community as a promising alternative to legacy online lotteries.

For more information on LUC and LuckyToken, visit

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