Aragon, a decentralized management platform that enables creating and managing organizations on the Ethereum blockchain, has partnered with a decentralized browser, messenger and gateway called that allows users to store ETH and Ethereum-based assets. The partnership will allow clients to create and maintain their organizations on a mobile device, having access to governance, fundraising, payroll, accounting and more.

Aragon claims it has built “the easiest way to operate organizations on Ethereum,” developing a management tool specifically to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of companies worldwide. Companies will be able to go mobile without incurring the development costs of building native Android and iOS applications.

Organizations on the network will be built using Aragon Core, a Solidity DAO framework and dApp, according to the Aragon white paper.

Early Adopters: Open Source Projects

Aragon expects distributed companies and open source projects to be its early adopters, according to the company website. This is because open source projects do not currently have a clear way to operate as organizations. Distributed companies also face complexities in their operations. Open source projects and distributed companies have to spend exorbitant amounts of time dealing with tasks that can be solved with technology.

“Our aim is to make decentralized organizations widespread,” said Luis Cuende, co-founder and project lead at Aragon. “To achieve this vision, we have built the easiest way to operate organizations on Ethereum.”


Up until now, Aragon has only been available on Windows, MacOS, Linux and web browsers, leaving out around 2.3 billion smartphone users.

“It was the need for bringing Aragon to mobile, without the excessive development hurdles of building native Android and iOS applications, which inspired our collaboration with Status,” said Cuende.

Ethereum Gateway For Smartphones, founded in Singapore in 2016, is a dApp browser and messenger for Ethereum. In creating an Ethereum portal, seeks to serve as a gateway for smartphone users to begin using dApps and as a way for dApp developers to reach new users. Besides accessing the dApps ecosystem, users can send encrypted messages, smart contracts and currency to each other using Ethereum’s decentralized protocols.

“Over the course of the coming months, will bring Aragon to mobile, creating a user-friendly experience with an engaging and well-designed user face,” Cuende said. “We look forward to providing our Aragon organizations with the ability to develop and maintain their decentralized organization on mobile, creating value at the tap of a button.”

“Aragon is one of the projects we are most excited about in the entire space,” said Jarrad Hope, co-founder. “The ability to form borderless organizations, instantaneously, and at a fraction of the transaction costs of traditional infrastructure, will foster entrepreneurship on a global scale. Naturally, a mobile interface is a perfect match, particularly for catering to developing markets.”

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Token Sale 

Aragon raised $25 million in a token sale that lasted under 15 minutes with 2,403 buyers participating in the ICO from around the world. All funds raised in the form of Aragon Network Tokens (ANT) will be used to continue to build Aragon Core and the Aragon Network, a token-governed digital jurisdiction, to address core governance issues and improve efficiency.

Cuende, featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and is an MIT TR35, o-founded Stampery, a blockchain data certification startup backed by Draper Associates, which invests in companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Skype and Baidu.

Jorge Izquierdo, co-founder and lead tech, has created multiple applications for iOS, macOS and Pebble, such as Showy, an app which reached number two in the Spanish App Store charts.

“We are delighted to partner with Status, one of the most promising projects in the space,” Cuende said. “Not only is their service offering complementary to Aragon, but we also share the same vision of a world full of accessible, user-friendly decentralized applications.”

Aragon views contract upgradeability and decentralized arbitration to be its greatest challenges.

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