Ethereum tests mainnet proof-of-stake transition

The Ethereum network today celebrated another success on its way to transforming its consensus mechanism.

  • Ethereum tested the new proof-of-stake consensus mechanism for the first time on the mainnet in a so-called shadow fork.
  • It’s a historic moment for the network, as it’s the first time it’s used this testing method. The shadow fork is a sort of mirror image of the main network, allowing developers to simulate real-world conditions.
  • At the time of writing, the testnet is seeing over 1.8 million transactions, with an average transaction duration of 13.8 seconds.
  • The developers say that under certain circumstances transactions from the shadow net could also be found on the actual main chain.
  • Meanwhile, Ethereum is in its last phase. “Kiln” is the last major testnet before the beacon chain merges with the mainnet (The Merge).
  • In addition to the community, investors and analysts also have high hopes for Ethereum 2.0. Among other things, the network should become faster, more environmentally friendly and cheaper to use as a result of the changeover.

Picture by Pixabay

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