Blockchain Media Group (BMG) “” files Maladministration Complaint against the EU Commission, Next Generation Internet Unit’s award of 1 Million Euro “Blockchains for Social Good Prize” without investigation of allegations of intellectual property infringement dating back to 2017.

This complaint revolves the awarding of a portion of the prize (One Million Euros) for Quality Content to: WordProof (by Dutch SME WordProof B.V.) developed the WordProof Timestamp Ecosystem, to prove authenticity and to make information verifiable, which ultimately would be leading to more trust in internet content.

The “Quality Content” is largely identical to the German Utility Model owned and utilized by Complainant since 2017. It is very likely the content idea was plagiarized. The Complainant made a timely complaint to the Commission before the prize funds were released along with the “Open Source” code which would encourage distribution of Complainant’s intellectual property without his/her consent: WordProof uses decentralised open-source technology and sets a global timestamp standard by collaboration with several international organisations. It is offered as a free plugin and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.(European Commission through its Next Generation Internet, “Wordproof B.V.” 20 December 2019.)

Complaint of Maladministration by the Commission

The Commission is responsible investigating matters under its jurisdiction in a fair, unbiased and non-arbitrary fashion. The result here is otherwise.

  1. The Commission did not investigate the claim in good faith and summarily disposed of it by referring to the Contests Rules under which Complainant was not a party to justify it actions towards Complainant.

For more information:

Dr. Jonathan Levy

Attorney & Solicitor

[email protected]

t +44 20 8144 2479

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