The online casino world is nothing if not innovative. Over the last two decades, numerous changes and advances have been made to make the online casino world better. One of the most significant changes of late is the use of Bitcoin when gambling on top casino games, such as slots. If you haven’t tried this exciting new way of betting yet, allow us to introduce you to it right here.

Can I Play Slots with BTC?

For years, the only sorts of games you could play with Bitcoin were one-off, unregulated, homebrew releases. These games certainly didn’t come from top-tier developers and tended to vary from site to site. However, those days are gone. Nowadays, you really can play top slots with high limits from established providers aplenty at leading BTC betting sites. However, there are still exceptions.

So Not All Games Are Really Bitcoin-Friendly?

Not entirely. Some nifty gambling casinos accept Bitcoin as a deposit method but will convert your deposit into a FIAT currency, such as USD, for gameplay. This is because not all software developers have yet made a move into crypto-friendly casino games. Whether you can bet on slots with Bitcoin really depends on whether the software providers behind the game have made moves to accept it.

The Same Features, RTP Rates and Volatility

When you do come across BTC slots, you will note that they are practically no different from other slot machines. In short, you can expect to wager on them cheaply, with reasonable betting limits. You will find that the variance or volatility level remains the same as in a FIAT version and that the RTP rates are also fair and reasonable. Moreover, there are no discrepancies between the number or quality of the special features that are available in the game.

Claiming Bitcoin Slot Bonuses and Joining Tournaments

Players won’t miss out on other elements of top casino sites when betting with Bitcoins, either. Top slot bonuses and slot tournaments and races are an essential part of casino gameplay. You’ll still get to enjoy these options when you bet on slot machines with Bitcoin. In fact, you may also be able to claim a few bespoke BTC bonuses for use on slots that US dollar, euro or other FIAT currency using players wouldn’t get access to. In short, betting on Bitcoin slots could be even more prosperous.

What About Progressive Jackpots?

The rule regarding progressive jackpots is a touch different. These are usually paid out in FIAT currencies, even if you win with Bitcoin stakes. The exception is if the games are exclusive Bitcoin slots. The best way to learn which gambling games are BTC-friendly in all ways and to find them is to check a casino’s gaming library. Top sites such as Casino will have a dedicated section for Bitcoin slots and cryptocurrency-friendly casino games. You can head right there to play these sorts of games.

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