Bitcoin Cash is on the mind of plenty of people right now. No one can deny this altcoin has made a major impression in the past few months. One thing that remains notably absent is the lack of trading pairs. More specifically, there are no altcoin trading markets for Bitcoin Cash right now. It will be interesting to see which platform takes the plunge first in this regard.

In a way, this development is somewhat surprising. Most exchanges have altcoin trading markets for Bitcoin. Some even support altcoin/LTC and altcoin/ETH markets. Even  Dogecoin has been used as a tertiary altcoin trading market at one point. People would expect Bitcoin Cash to be given the same privilege sooner or later. So far, that is not happening, for an unknown reason. Then again, it is possible this situation will change sooner or later.

Bitcoin Cash Needs Altcoin Trading Markets

There is no lack of support from exchanges for BCH whatsoever. Plenty of trading platforms allow this currency to be traded. More often than not, it is only linked to BCH/BTC markets. Finding fiat currency markets for BCH is pretty difficult, but they do exist. It seems unlikely we will see altcoin markets for Bitcoin Cash anytime soon. At the same time, the currency has proven its position in the market over time.

The first exchange is to support BCH/altcoin markets will have a major advantage. There is a growing demand for more markets like this. Right now, users need to convert BCH to Bitcoin or Ethereum to access other markets. Cutting out this intermediary step is of the utmost importance. Much easier said than done, although there will be exchanges who will give this market a chance.

Speculation-wise, it is certainly possible HitBTC would open such markets. They have made some interesting decisions in the past. Most of these paid off in the end, despite some initial opposition. BCH/Altcoin markets will come to fruition sooner or later. Especially when we transition to decentralized exchange models. That change will not happen anytime soon, though. Until then, the wait for these altcoin markets for Bitcoin Cash continues.

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