Within the framework of the new rules of Facebook advertising activities, in the social network, as well as the Instagram service, it is prohibited to use its advertising platform to advertise any products related to the organization of ICO, crypto-currencies and binary options.

It is noteworthy that the listed innovative financial instruments have been banned under the list, including narcotic drugs, weapons, tobacco products, porn and a number of other things.

As representatives of Facebook note, the key task of the new advertising policy is to eliminate unnecessary risks for platform users: they should learn from information posted on them only about those goods and services that can not be related to fraud in any way. Unfortunately, representatives of the social network say, lately information is increasingly appearing about fraudulent schemes used by companies advertising binary options, crypto-currencies and ICO.

At this stage, the ban has the widest possible coverage, but in the future it is possible that it will be revised somewhat. To do this, Facebook is planning to learn how to track ads that are fraudulent.

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