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At the #FCBayernHackDays hosted for the first time by FC Bayern München, the team around hackathon veteran Peter Ma won second place among more than 40 teams. Previously, it had won the SAP Challenge on Fan Activation 4.0. The idea: the fan-coin.

The blockchain fan coin: 100 coins for each goal

The fan coin works like this: for every single goal scored by FC Bayern last weekend against Werder Bremen, for example, potentially 100 fan coins are generated. If Bayern striker Thomas Müller shoots his 100th Bundesliga goal against Werder Bremen last weekend, the fan-coins for this goal are worth more. In such an important match as that of Patrick Andersson, who secured FC Bayern the championship title ahead of Schalke 04 in the fourth minute of stoppage time sixteen years ago, fan-coins have a very special emotional value. Ma calls this “bundled” virtual emotion “Crypto Collectables” or digital collectibles. Each fan is encouraged to own the most fan coins – to become the “super fan”.

Opinion of the jurors: “Sustainable and not vulnerable”

The personal Fan Coin account can be filled in different ways. So 100 fans in the stadium could be credited by lottery those fan-coins at every goal of Bayern. Bayern could also “reward” those with fan coins who have a season ticket, are a member of the Kids Club, are at the game or buy fan merchandise. “The idea is sustainable, new tactics can always be found,” says Juror Jan Patrzalek, Global Head of SAP Sports & Entertainment for Solution Management at SAP. The information about the fan then flows directly into the fan profile in the SAP solutions SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP Hybris Profiles using the SAP Cloud Platform. Ultimately, the fan-coin expands the knowledge of the individual in the fan universe. Technically speaking, the fan coin is generated like a bitcoin via blockchain. “He is not vulnerable,” explains Patrzalek, who, together with the SAP Hybris developer Christoph Pattberg and Cora Ackermann from SAP’s Global Sponsorship team, decided in favor of the Fan Coin team.


image by SAP

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