Time sensitivity is key! Everything related to cryptocurrency and blockchain is highly time-sensitive. A great example of this is how an NFT sold for a few hundred dollars, could be worth millions the very next second. Time sensitivity and FOMO is what makes the crypto-world so appealing. 

Here is a list of five gems that cost less than 0.5 ETH each*

  1. Satoshi’s Quest

Each of the four heroes, is depicted in an individual artwork, on each collectable Satoshi’s Quest trading card (the Hacker, the Slacker, the Geek and the Freak). 

The card will also display any completed clues to Satoshi’s identity that the hero has previously unlocked, as well as the clue shard that has been uncovered. 

Depending on how near they are to finding Satoshi, each hero has one of four talent levels (Hide and Seeker, Treasure Hunter, Crime Cracker, and Godlike Genius). By gathering and mixing matching clue shards, a hero’s skill level can be increased.

It is currently priced at 0.08 ETH.*

2. CactiClub

CactiClub is one of the first third-party art collectables with real-world applications to be considered for sale. We can expect nothing but excellent news with the forthcoming listing, given that PancakeSquad, a collection released by the PancakeSwap team, had a floor of 8 BNB and set foot on 60,000 BNB volume. 

CactiClub is a group of 6499 3D cacti created at random and initially appeared on the BSC blockchain. The value of each Cacti might potentially reach ATH once it’s officially accessible on PancakeSwap Market, with a floor price of 0.4BNB.*

When you acquire their NFT, the blockchain creates a series of unique Cacti that are minted and transmitted to your wallet. When collectors purchase Cacti, they become members of a beautiful community! They’ll get a rare piece of art, access to a P2E wager game, and the chance to win a CACTI token by staking their NFT.

3. Crypto Panda 2021

Crypto Panda 2021 is an NFT Collection designed by a group of young graphic designers from Milan, Italy. 

The project started as a game, but it has a deeper meaning: assisting humanity in living in peace with nature, safeguarding biodiversity, and combating environmental deterioration. 100+ one-of-a-kind digital Panda treasures (320×320 pixels) for you and the earth. WWF will receive 10% of the proceeds from the sales of each NFT

Listed on at a floor price of 0.01 ETH*

4. Sipher

The smart contract address is meticulously developed according to ERC-721 standards to ensure security and the functionality of digital fungible and non-fungible assets. This will ensure the durability of our project, characters, and things as they expand alongside Sipheria. 

SIPHER, the first 10,000 Sipherians, is a blend of two ideals: Surrogates and Cipher. This is the universe of Sipheria’s adventures. The earliest of the races, the INU, make up the “Sipherian Surge’s” 1st Fleet and were produced by mad scientists using animal CRISPR-genome extraction and ethereal materials.

Priced at 0.25 ETH*.

5. Roaring leaders

Roaring Leaders is a one-of-a-kind deflationary collection of 10,000 generative NFTs, on the Ethereum blockchain. The Leaders’ Fund, the first NFT mutual fund, is part of the collection. 

Our artwork features over 200 unique traits to portray the passion and energy that defines the world leaders symbolised by the jungle lions and tigers!

They’ve added a system that allows NFT holders to choose to burn a Roaring Leader NFT in exchange for an elixir. Each elixir will have the power to increase the rarity of one trait from one of your other Roaring Leader NFTs. This process reduces the collection’s supply and, as a result, is deflationary, increasing the value for all holders.

Priced at 0.14 ETH*.


These gems are under 0.5 ETH and do such promising projects with great value that you could snag at this very moment! Make sure to do your own research and evaluate the pros and cons before you invest.

*Accurate at this date

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