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Flexibit offers online investment opportunities where you can use your bitcoin invest without having to

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Flexibit offers online investment opportunities where you can use your bitcoin invest without having to do hours of research.

The investments are run by Flexibles International Group Inc. You have the flexibility to add more funds to your investment at any time to get even more daily payouts. They have a solid business model that enables Flexibit to beat the market in the long run. Let’s have a closer look.


One reason Flexibit can pay investors everyday is that they focus on long-term investments. Since they invest in stable, high-quality assets, there can be sustainable growth at reduced risk. The investments are made across many markets and managed by three highly trained analysts to ensure performance. The investment managers have a track record of doing well when the economic conditions are tough.


Businss Plan

Flexibit takes and active hand in choosing the best assets. They do not simply buy an index, but rather carefully select the assets that fit the needs of the investors. There is a focus on valuation of assets. This tactic takes into account fundamentals, due diligence, and a thorough understanding the asset class itself.

When riskier assets are added, they are split up into many small positions. This strategy reduces the over all risk but still allows exposure, which creates a valuable risk reward situation.


Investment Plans Representatives

There are plans for every budget. The fist plan “Stage 1” offers an hourly payout of 0.14% which is 3.3% daily with a minimal investment of 0.01 BTC. This allows anyone to gain exposure to Flexibit investments.

Stage 2 has a minimum investment of 3 BTC and pays 3.8% daily, Stage 3 has a minimal investment of 20 BTC and pays 4.3% daily, and finally, Stage 4 with a minimal investment of 50 BTC pays 4.8% daily.

You can also reinvest your daily payout to compound your earnings, and you can add to your plan at any time. If you invested 1 BTC into stage 1, then you add a BTC and enjoy more payouts.

Getting more payouts is not the only benefit of investing more. There is an affiliate program that offers 5% commission on new investors that depotis. You can also use these funds to invest. If you have invested 10 BTC total, then you can qualify to become a representative and get 10% commission on new investors. You can then use your commissions to add to your investment meaning that before long you will be at the next stage.


Flexibit is an excellent way to get started with bitcoin investing. All the research and evaluation work is done for you. All you need to do is decide how much you would like to invest. A lot of people want to invest in the bitcoin and crypto space but do not know how and find it very complicated. Flexibit makes it simple to get daily payouts and put your bitcoin to work.

[Note: Bitcoinist reminds you to always do your homework on companies who guarantee ‘safe investments’, particularly using referrals and multi-level marketing tactics, prior to sending your funds. Use this service at your own risk.]

Images courtesy of Flexibit

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