Fujitsu opens Blockchain Innovation Center in Belgium

Fujitsu has announced the establishment of its own blockchain innovation center. In joint projects, the Japanese technology group wants to research potential applications of technology here. One focus will be on smart cities.

Fujitsu has announced in a press release that the corporation will continue its research on blockchain technology in a dedicated “International Blockchain Innovation Center”.

At the center, Fujitsu plans to work with external partners on a variety of projects to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. According to them, many of their clients have expressed great interest in the opportunities and want to gain a better understanding of appropriate applications. The focus should not be exclusively on financial services. The blockchain will serve as a new architecture for information systems and sectors of all kinds. Examples include logistics, supply chains, distributed ledger technologies for real estate ownership, voter registration and smart contracts.

Blockchain innovations in the heart of Europe

Fujitsu chose Brussels as the city is in the middle of Europe and offers several advantages for international companies. Belgian Vice-Prime Minister Kris Peeters welcomes the Center:

“Belgium is the ideal place for an international competence center like this. […] Belgium’s economy is driven by innovation. In addition, people here have very good language skills, which makes them great partners for multinational companies and international projects. It is important that all levels of governments continue to work actively with innovative companies to maintain the economic structures in Belgium. “

Smart cities and the blockchain

Fujitsu wants to use the Blockchain Innovation Center to develop and implement applications for smart cities. The focus will be on sociological and demographic factors as well as on economic working methods and ecological challenges. Frederik De Breuck, Head of Advance Sales and Internal Audit at Fujitsu Benelux:

“We believe Blockchain will play an important role in the development of Smart Cities. According to the National League of Cities, around half of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas. By 2050, this ratio should rise to 66%. The associated challenges to local governments […], such as public safety, infrastructure, transportation and housing, will force cities to evolve into smart cities. The use of Blockchain, with its potential in Public Ledger and Voter ID and its ability to automate processes and perform Smart Contracts, will undoubtedly play an important role in this changing ecosystem. “

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