SWIEQI, MALTA, March 22nd, 2018ySign, the new messaging application aiming to revolutionize modern communication, is pleased to announce its impending ICO, which is set to commence on April 19th, 2018, and to conclude on May 4th, 2018.

ySign responds to the growing need for fast, simple, and reliable digital communication, without the complications associated with the centralized communication means currently available on the market. Making use of the revolutionary blockchain technology, whose mass adoption is becoming increasingly popular, ySign is poised to bring about radical changes in the way people approach interpersonal communication and data sharing through digital media.

More specifically, ySign eliminates the dated and problematic model of centralized processing of text messages and calls. This move, alone, makes ySign a benchmark-setting app, as it introduces a novel application of the blockchain technology to the mainstream market, making it available to the billions of users who have so far spent significant time and resources in their effort to protect their communication data from being accessed or controlled by anyone else other than themselves.

“During the past several years, there has been increased concern about online communication privacy” said Mr. Ivan Vujic, ySign CEO. “The market is saturated with centralized apps and communications platforms, which are vulnerable to third-party intrusion and data theft. ySign is introducing a new era to the way people connect with one another, on a global basis. Using blockchain technology, we ensure that ySign users enjoy the highest level of security and privacy during their communications, allowing them to connect with each other and share information freely, and, above all, safely.”

“Our staff has extensive experience in business, marketing, IT, and app development, while we are actively expanding our knowledge in finance and exchange platforms. We are fueled by passion and creativity; we are fast to adapt to change, and we believe it is our duty to keep abreast with the latest developments made in the ever-evolving technological field, so as to develop innovative IT ideas that would ultimately serve as everyday problem solutions for people from all around the world.”

“Our vision is that of total freedom of communication – a world where technology enables people to enjoy full freedom of speech and freedom of expression. We are confident that, through our expertise and hard work, we can use technology to both advance and simplify the concept of global communications as a whole and promote enhanced connectivity between people – wherever they might be located.”

The blockchain-based platform aims to be a global means of free, anonymous and secure communication, which will provide users with the ability to carry out discreet conversations through calling or text messaging. In lieu of storing data in a centralized server, which is the most commonly used method of relaying communication data nowadays, ySign protects users’ privacy by using NEM blockchain technology to carry and distribute messages through decentralized file sharing.

By employing the aforementioned means of distribution, the app guarantees its users’ total privacy, while it also safeguards their data, which is encrypted, and thus remains impenetrable to hackers and malicious attacks of any kind. What’s more, the ySign application itself does not collect users’ personal information, seeing as how only a username and a password are required for app registration, as well to access users’ individual, securely-stored data on the ySign app blockchain.

The ySign app, which is currently in development, has been designed by the ySign team with an audience of billions of users in mind. Every ySign app user will have a unique ID Address, whose only last four or five numbers will be displayed. Users will be able to choose between their username or ID address to be shown in their in-app communications, with their messages and data are stored on their personal ID address alone; while they further have the option of storing their messages on their phone, and delete them at any given time.

ySign will use its proprietary digital currency, YSN, an ERC20 token standard based on the Ethereum Network, while the app will also accept XEM tokens. The YSN token private-sale period concluded on March 15th, 2018, while, at the time of writing, the token’s pre-sale is currently underway.

The company has set the remaining two token sale phases, and sale price per token, as follows:

Pre-Sale Period (PreICO)

Start date: March 21st, 2018 (00:01)

End date: April 18th, 2018 (00:00)

1st week: 10 000 000 Tokens for 0.00018 ETH/0.43 XEM

2nd week: 10 000 000 Tokens for 0.00036 ETH/0.85 XEM

3rd week: 10 000 000 Tokens for 0.00054 ETH/1.28 XEM

4th week: 10 000 000 Tokens for 0.00072 ETH/1.71 XEM

Sale Period (ICO)

Start date: April 19th, 2018 (00:01)

End date: May 4th, 2018 (00:00)

– 11 600 000 Tokens for 0.00084 ETH/2.00 XEM per token

The ySign whitepaper and technical whitepaper can be read here and here, respectively.

YSN token holders will benefit from exclusive in-app features, invitations to Roadshows, as well as future benefits to be determined by the ySign team, based on the project’s growth and success.

Those wishing to participate in the ySign Pre-ICO and subsequent ICO can do so by registering on the company’s website.


To learn more about ySign, please visit:


Media Contact:

Company Name: Everest Marketing Solution Limited

Address: Triq il Hawt

Swieqi SWQ3434


Phone: + 41 (0) 41 508 70 41

Email: [email protected]

Contact Person: Ivan Vujic

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