FuturoCoin Conference is the first event of this type organized by the FuturoCoin team. The goal of the conference is to celebrate the anniversary of the existence of cryptocurrency, but above all education about the world of crypto and blockchain. The conference is scheduled for February 28, 2019 and will be held in Warsaw, at the Jabłkowscy Brothers House (25 Bracka Street).

In just twelve months FuturoCoin (FTO)managed to gain popularity among traders from around the world and introduce many innovative solutions – including the introduction of FuturoPay or Futuromat. Currently, it is available on many Polish and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges and continues to grow dynamically, which can be evidenced by the organization of events such as FuturoCoin Conference or a recently signed sponsorship agreement with the third team in the world in Formula 1 – Red Bull Racing. This is the first case of its kind in the world when cryptocurrencies will appear on the F1 car.

The conference prepared by FuturoCoin is an international event that focuses on the subject of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which will surely attract many enthusiasts of new technologies. Speakers will present issues related to the use of cryptocurrencies in business, their impact on the economy and society around the world. A cross-sectional image of the modern cryptocurrency market will be presented, among others, by: Yanina Petrovskaya, Muhammad Salman Anjum, Dr. Mervyn G. Maistry or Hubert Krawczyk. Subsequent speakers will be presented soon on the event website.

– We want the cryptocurrency environment to grow in strength so that the public can get more knowledge of technology. That’s why we decided to organize a conference during which we will talk about many aspects of the world close to us – says Paulina Woźniak, CEO of FuturoCoin.

In addition to the technological look, the conference will also present the perspective of traders who treat cryptocurrencies as an alternative source of income. During the event organized by FuturoCoin, everyone interested should find something for themselves.

FuturoCoin Conference is a unique opportunity to listen to the statements of people from the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology not only from Poland but also from abroad. Events of this type always echo around the world, so maybe this time FuturoCoin will be able to boast of achieving the global scale also in the local media. The conference will end with official after parties organized in the Aurelio restaurant in Warsaw.


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