Numerous Blockchain start-ups from all over Germany will officially form a federal association to represent their interests at the end of June. The non-party organization is to give the scene a unified voice in the direction of politics.

This applies above all to the formation of government after the Bundestag elections, in which the Association will work towards a future-oriented regulation. Florian Glatz of will stand for the presidency:

“Blockchain will be the basic technology for the next innovation stage of the Internet and Germany has a chance to put itself at the forefront by courageous regulation worldwide. The Federal Association will help to make use of this opportunity. ”

More than 50 people have been organizing themselves since May 5th in a slack. The first physical preparation meeting took place on the Andang June in Berlin in the rooms of DWF Germany. Another preparatory meeting will take place on June 26th. The formation of the association and the adoption of the first positions will take place on June 29, 2017 in the premises of the Bundestag. Members of the German Bundestag and social experts are also invited to attend this meeting. BTC-ECHO will also be here. In order to ensure a close association with the policy, a political advisory board with leading digital politicians from each party is planned.

The initiative for this association came from Marcus Ewald, the Federal President of the Young Economic Council:

“If Internet is new territory, then Blockchain is brand new. Without expert help, any regulatory experiment will stifle real innovation in Germany. They are there anyway – just somewhere else. It is time for Germany to once again create a digital world market leader. This is our chance. ”

If you are interested in participating, please contact Florian Glatz, Dr. Nina-Luisa Siedler (DWF Germany) or Marcus Ewald.

The companies that have so far been involved are among others:
BigchainDB, Blockchain Helix, Brainbot, Chainstep, Freeelio, Gnosis, IOTA Foundation, IPDB Foundation, Jolocom, Procivis,

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