Boris J., an ex-politician of the German Green Party has been arrested by the country’s law enforcement authorities for allegedly running a narcotics trafficking operation on the dark web.

An arrest warrant had been issued against the alleged drug trafficker Boris J., 40, who was arrested in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany on September 19. The local police announced the detention of the suspect on September 20.

Since October 2013, the former politician of the Green Party allegedly sold drugs to thousands of customers on darknet marketplaces, the police stated.

According to a police officer, it is still a question where Boris J. sourced the drugs and if there were other perpetrators helping him in his illegal operation. Law enforcement authorities are still investigating the case for clues on the latter.

Investigators had searched the Kopernikusstrasse apartment of the 40-year-old along with five other locations. During the search, police officers found evidence for 6,500 single sales on the dark web, including more than 34,000 ecstasy pills and approximately 7,000 LSD blotters.

DeepDotWeb previously reported that the former district committee member and board spokesman of the Green Party in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg had been identified as a darknet drug dealer by the German police in late August. On August 22, law enforcement authorities conducted a search on the apartment of the ex-politician. However, they waited with his arrest until September 19, probably because the investigators had to gather more evidence in the case.

The investigation started when the German State Criminal Police Office (LKA) examined the addresses on dark net drug shipments and discovered a clue. The investigators found out that a variety of narcotic packages pointed to the 40-year-old. The clue lead law enforcement authorities to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg where police officers managed to identify Boris J. as the suspect in the case. Investigators spent quite much time with the surveillance of the suspect – they had tapped his phone and listened to his conversations before searching the 40-year-old’s home. According to police information, the alleged vendor was inactive for at least two months prior to his arrest. The apartment search resulted in no drugs but valuable information found on the suspect’s illegal activities. Investigators seized electronic devices, such as mobile phones and computers, along with cash and postal stamps. Five other addresses associated with Boris J. were also searched by the officers.

A forensic examination of the devices showed that the 40-year-old ran a vendor shop on the dark web selling narcotics. Law enforcement authorities determined that the ex-politician allegedly sold over 34,000 ecstasy tablets and 7,000 LSD blotters, along with an unknown amount of the psychedelic drug 2C-B, to darknet customers since 2013. The suspect allegedly used the “03welle” pseudonym in the dark web community and had approximately 6,500 completed sales on the marketplaces. On his dark web profile, multiple users mentioned that 03welle shipped the drugs in CD cases. The German police stated the same about the 40-year-old. The Grams profile of 03welle shows that he had 1,456 positive feedbacks – along with 3 negatives – and a total revenue of over 10,000 euros.

“Hey everyone,

We have been active under this name for 3 years now on SR1 and SR2, on BMR, Agora, Sheep, Hydra, Evolution, Nucleus, Abraxas, AlphaBay, Dream Market, Middle-Earth, Crypto Market and East India Company serving all your 2C-B and ecstasy needs. We have always satisfied our customers and have a spotless track record. A grams rating of currently 911 pretty much speaks for itself! ?We hope to continue serving all of our old and hopefully many new customers,” 03welle’s vendor profile goes by.

It was reported that 03welle sold on AlphaBay until the darknet marketplace went down, after AlphaBay’s takedown, he migrated to the Hansa Market. As law enforcement authorities have been monitoring Hansa for about a month prior to the marketplace shutdown. It could be possible that the police managed to identify Boris J. with the help of evidence gathered from the Hansa case.

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