After the deliveryando equivalent “Pyszne” in Poland began to accept Bitcoin, relies and accepts Bitcoin as part of a new improved website. offers a simple and central platform for ordering fast dishes from different restaurants. After Bitcoin has accepted “Pyszne” in Poland last week, Lieferando now also offers Bitcoin as a means of payment (not yet in the app). In addition to the new payment option, it is now possible to display the estimated delivery period.

In order to make entry into the platform even more enjoyable, can now be used in English, Dutch, Polish and French.

Up to 8,000 delivery services can already be found on The delivery services process up to half a million orders per month. If the Bitcoin adaptation is well advanced, the parent company offers a large network, because the delivery services of are available not only in Germany and Austria, but also in Switzerland, the UK, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden.

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