Since deep antiquity, people have been engaged in gambling activities – be it for pleasure or for business. With the arrival of online technology, this market joined the realms of the Internet world. Initial Coin Offerings are the most recent thrill in the cryptocurrency galaxy and there’s one company, which excites and thrills the betting industry. GIFcoin, the first and only Gambling Investment Fund, has come to transform the way the gambling markets work.

The Gambling Industry and Its Mind-Blowing Statistics

In the beginning of 2017, the regulated part of global gambling amounted to the astounding $500 billion. Of them, more than $220 billion belonged exclusively to the market of sports betting. The unregulated part of the gambling niche is even greater.

Industry experts project an annual 3.3% growth until 2020. The ginormous revenue shares are due to:

  • The enormous market wagers in comparison to wagers punters place either via lotteries or in casinos.
  • The greater authorization and improved legalization of Internet sports betting, allowing gamblers to place bets from any corner of the globe.

This substantial market expansion is yet to thrive in the following years, mainly thanks to ever-growing, internet-using populace and the heightened legalization of online sports gambling in many countries, counting the U.S.A.

Your Time to Gain a Significant Share of the Gambling Market

The GIF in GIFcoin’s name indicates Gambling Investment Fund. The avant-garde project provides ICO investors with the exclusive opportunity to earn a remarkable share of the gambling industry’s immense profits.

GIFcoin does not aim at convincing crypto investors that its team has crafted something genius, like a number of other ICOs state. In stark contrast with the bulk of other projects, GIF is supported by an already functioning and money-making betting site –

The Initial Coin Offering of GIFcoin intends to amass capital for upgrading VitalBet’s website, together with promoting its brand and expanding it to the betting industry’s most attractive markets. After the initial marketing and advertising steps, VitalBet’s customers will increase significantly, and so will its profits.

GIFcoin will reward its ICO participants by sharing 80% of VitalBet’s net profits with GIF token holders on an annual basis.

GIF tokens are ERC20 and are protected by the Ethereum Blockchain technology. By buying them, investors are placing their cash in a working and profitable business which is just at the beginning of a long-term, sustainable growth.

GIFcoin’s Professional Team

GIFcoin and VitalBet’s team includes industry experts whose long history can be traced to the fields of online betting, internet gambling, and sports marketing.

For example, GIFcoin’s Chief Executive Officer owns more than 50 online betting projects. The rest of the team comprises seasoned professionals in branding, sports affiliate marketing, Blockchain development, marketing, eSports, and odds.

Join the Eye-Watering Revolution

GIFcoin’s eyes are set on a monstrous $500 billion market. In that specific regard, the team initiated an ICO campaign whose funds will be used to upgrade VitalBet’s online platform. Throughout the Initial Coin Offering period, there will be 300,000,000 GIF tokens released.

VitalBet’s goal by 2020 is to reach 2.1 million active clients. In its experience, every gambler’s loss is approximately $360 a year (or $30 a month). 2.1 million users X $360 lost wagers amounts to $756 million losses. This sum will be VitalBet’s revenue.

From the $756 million revenues, the company’s plan is 45% net profits –– or $340.2 million. VitalBet will share 80% of them, which is $272.16 million.

Once a year, these $272,160,000 will be shared between the 300,000,000 GIF tokens. Simply put, every GIFcoin token will receive an annual dividend of $0.9072.

Now, if we imagine that you are an investor and you have 10,000 GIF tokens, your annual profits will be 10,000 X $0.9072 –– $9,072. This sum will be transferred to you in ETH straight to your Ethereum wallet once a year.

The GIFcoin platform will have a participant’s dashboard where every investor can monitor his/her profits, as well as determine the price of GIF tokens.

Token Sale Summary

  • Total Supply: 300,000,000 GIF tokens
  • Private Sale – 10,000,000 sold out.
  • 7 other stages with different bonuses:
    • Stage 1 – 60% bonus
    • Stage 2 – 40% bonus
    • Stage 3 – 30% bonus
    • Stage 4 – 20% bonus
    • Stage 5 – 15% bonus
    • Stage 6 – 10% bonus
    • Stage 7 – no bonus
  • Token price during the first stage the ICO: 1 ETH = 10,000 + 60% bonus.
  • The earlier an investor joins, the huger the bonus.
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies – ETH, BTC, LTC
  • Minimum investment stages 1-5: 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC, 2 LTC
  • Soft cap – 5,000 ETH
  • Hard cap – 24,000 ETH
  • GIF – an Ethereum ERC-20 token
  • Investor’s dashboard – to keep track of one’s profit share and to determine GIF’s price.



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