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After the crypto market rises again and the bear seems to have been defeated, Goldman Sachs also responds and significantly raises the minimum deposit threshold of its off-exchange trading venue.

The crypto market has been rising for a few weeks now and prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are developing well, with investor hunger for Bitcoin rising.

As a result, Goldman Sachs has decided to raise the minimum deposit threshold from the current $ 250,000 to $ 500,000. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire told Business Insider in an interview that the heated crypto market is a logical consequence of this move. He sees the market as “robust” and stable.

Although the minimum amount has doubled, the average value traded is still twice as high:

The minimum ticket size has moved up to $500,000 with an average of $1 million.

The sum of one million dollars compared to other trades of the company to be regarded as small, where quickly $ 100 million or more change hands. Allaire expects traded volumes to continue rising and is confident for the cryptocurrency market.

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